Amazon & Marketplace Services

Define Marketplace
Success Differently

Because cross-platform complexity
demands smarter KPIs

New shoppers are waiting for you

Two-thirds of all product searches begin on retail platforms like Amazon, making them a mandatory part of most brand strategies. Learn how an intelligent, incremental approach can open up your products to new audiences and help you reach your goals.

We'll show you how each platform impacts your products. In turn, you’ll be able to maximize your marketing efforts and get the most from your direct-to-consumer channel. This will also help you avoid cannibalization (any action that will cause your business to eat away at its own sales).

View every dollar of revenue earned through DTC and online marketplaces. Seek optimal investments by learning differences in costs, margins and customer lifetime value.

Our data-driven approach to retail media helps forecast each channel’s impact on your revenue, profit and new customer rate.

Great ROAS, Terrible Results

Retailers once used basic KPIs like ROAS as their go-to metrics. Not anymore. Uncover the advantages of switching to a long-term focus in the shape of CLV-centric advertising. 

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