10 Qualities a PPC Manager should have!

- Luke Metcalfe

10 qualities a PPC manager should have

There are plenty of open positions for PPC manager in Germany right now. But to find a Senior or even a Junior PPC Manager is not that easy. Only a few Universities in Germany offer e-commerce- or Online Marketing-related studies but none disposes young people for the job of Pay-Per-Click advertising. Knowing this, we at crealytics are focussing on more than just the handcrafting and want to share the 10 essential qualities a PPC Manager should have.

1. Analytical Thinking

Data, figures and statistics need to be monitored closely to recognize potentials for improvement and to make correct decisions. Planning is important to be able to react in time.
The data analysis has to be effected dynamically and deliberately. Analytical thinking implies recognizing problems based on figures and conducting measures for their solution. So half of his working time will be invested in analysing data. The keyword is: analyse, analyse, analyse.

2. Credibility

A PPC Manager needs to be reliable, this is of special importance to his customers. His statements must therefore be accepted as valid.
Being dishonest might result in losing the customer’s trust and thus the customer.

3. Flexibility

Quick actions and rethinking are part of the daily work of a PPC Manager. When working on a task, the PPC Manager must be able to react promptly to new incidents. Even if this means, he has to work a little bit longer from time to time.

4. Communication Skills

A PPC Manager has to have communication skills. This job requires to be able to listen as well as to communicate capably and clearly.
By exchanging views with others, the PPC Manager will acquire new knowledge. This is also important for the relationship between PPC Manager and customer.
Meeting customer requirements will expose improvement potentials and result in happy clients. A PPC Manager without communication skills won’t be able to understand the customer’s needs.

5. Desire to Learn

The world of PPC Manager is constantly changing. What’s in stock today, might already be gone by tomorrow and your rivals never rest.
Recognizing changes in time will avoid unwanted surprises. Be active is the keyword. This means, that the PPC Manager has to adapt constantly to changing technologies.

This also means that he needs to read a lot to be up to date: websites, social media, blogs, magazines or books might provide him with necessary information for developments in PPC. Keep in mind that also the filtering of information is crucial. Not everything that’s new is good and relevant.

6. Expertise

Facts, figures and statistics provide an overview of the development of campaigns, but that’s not enough. A PPC Manager needs to know why his campaigns develop the way they do.
This way he is able to recognize potentials for improvement and to implement the right measures. Therefore, the PPC Manager needs expertise that he constantly improves by training and by exchanging knowledge and experiences with other PPC Managers. Otherwise figures and data won’t help at all.

7. Organizational Skills

It is said that organization is an inherent virtue, but in fact you are able to learn it – and a PPC Manager definitely needs organizational skills. How can a campaign be reasonably structured, if not well-thought-out and based on a strategy? How can measures for optimization be carried out, if not prepared properly?

Leaving things for later results in disorganization and chaos. Don’t save for tomorrow what has to be done today. Use lists, notes and bullet points. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises. Don’t put things off!

8. Ability to Take Risks

Eagerness to experiment is an important quality of a PPC Manager. By experimenting the PPC Manager will learn what is relevant, what is working for his campaigns and what not. Be brave – take risks!

9. Mathematic Skills

To analyse data, numbers and statistics in his daily work, a PPC Manager needs mathematic skills.
By interpreting them correctly he will learn to see where potential for improvements for his campaigns exists.
The link between marketing and mathematics is so strong nowadays that one can identify it as a new area: mathmarketing.

10. Decisiveness

To find a good result or correct solution to a problem, you have to set your goals at the beginning. Having understood this premise, decision-making is easy for the PPC Manager. Being flexible when making decisions also requires an enormous degree of autonomy of a PPC Manager. He alone is responsible for his decision and its consequences.
Think of it as a 3-step process: understand the business, identify a problem, make a decision.

That’s all? Of course not! Other qualities a PPC Manager should have…well, what do you think?


Luke is a Content Marketer at Crealytics


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