10 Most Time Saving AdWords Editor Shortcuts for PPC Professionals

Did you ever wonder how to speed up your daily work with the Google AdWords Editor? The best way to save time while remaining your focus is by abandoning the mouse as often as possible. Read on to learn about some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts!

AdWords Editor Shortcuts

1. Open account manager

Since most of us probably manage more than one AdWords account, we often have to switch between them. A quick way to open the account manager is by pressing Ctrl + O.


2. Downloading recent changes

The first thing when you start working on an account would probably be to download the recent changes. Try doing this with the keyboard-combo Ctrl + T. If you want to use the “more-data” download option press Ctrl + Shift + T.


3. Import from files

The import function, that allows you to import csv files, account sharing snapshots or account archives, can be quickly opened by pressing Ctrl + I.


4. Make multiple changes

Whenever you want to make multiple changes, for example adding a bunch of keywords, you can try this shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + B will open the respective dialog (you can exit it again by using the escape button).

AdWords Editor

5. Searching

You probably know that PPC professionals are constantly searching for something. To speed this up, press Ctrl + F and your cursor will be set to the search box without having to click on it.


6. Clearing filters

A common task that follows searching is clearing the filter criteria you have just used. You can do that quickly with the keyboard combination Ctrl + L.


7. Search and replace

Like in other programs you can access the search & replace dialog with Ctrl + H.
In AdWords Editor this dialog is called “Advanced change” because it allows you also to append things, change capitalisation, bids, URLs and so on.


8. Activate/pause selected items

Quickly activate or pause keywords, ad groups or whole campaigns with this AdWords Editor Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + A or P.


9. Revert selection to last downloaded state

Sometimes you need to revert the changes that you made. The shortcut Ctrl + Shift + R will revert your current selection to the last downloaded state. Note the difference to the next shortcut, which will just undo the last changes you did, independent of your current selection.


10. Undoing last changes

Ctrl + Z is the common shortcut for undoing the last changes. You can use it in the AdWords Editor like you use it in any other program.



Try to include some of the shortcuts above in your daily working routine. Once you are used to using them you will not want to be without them. If you are keen on further AdWords Editor shortcuts, here is another one: Ctrl + ? opens the shortcuts help dialog. One more note: Be careful with the commonly used Ctrl + S, because this will not save your changes locally, but upload them.

AdWords Editor


During my research for this article I found that apparently there is no shortcut for following links and exporting files. If you know better, please let us know in the comments section.


Julia Kloos

Julia Kloos is an expert in digital marketing with 2+ years experience in PPC. She successfully manages campaigns for big fashion retailers across multiple markets. Julia is one of crealytics Excel specialists.