Google’s Holiday Shopping Checklist: 10 Tips for a Successful Christmas Season

Christmas Shopping

Google recently published a holiday shopping checklist so that advertisers can prepare themselves for christmas shopping season. We have wrapped the tips up for you:

  1. Forecast your budget and set KPIs: You can, for example, look at your last year’s budget for the holidays.
  2. Set your promotional calendar: Decide what you want to promote when.
  3. Establish a crisis-response plan: i.e. who can fix what problem and how long does it take.
  4. Expand coverage of increased holiday queries: Do you have all seasonally relevant keywords in your account?
  5. Promote your best-converting ads: Stop A/B testing, pick your winner and convince users with your compelling ads.
  6. Prioritize your holiday merchandise and top-performers: Focus on products and keywords that will drive the most volume.
  7. Target on-the-go shoppers: Locally adjust your bids to mobile shoppers and engage users on the go with relevant ad extensions.
  8. Maximize the relevance of your ads: Use ad extensions like sitelinks to draw attention on your ads.
  9. Check you’re not going dark midday or mid-season: If budget is limited, watch your burn rate!
  10. Target easy-wins if you need more volume: Bid more aggressively on keywords or products that drive the most profit but have low impression share.

Happy and successful christmas season!

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Maximilian Hainlein

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