New in AdWords: Call-only Ads Make Mobile Marketers Happy

As Search Engine Land has reported and Google has now officially confirmed, there is a new ad format in AdWords. These so-called “Call-only” ads allow standard text ads to be displayed with phone numbers. Google is not only making its mobile-friendly marketers happy: according to a Google study, 70% of mobile surfers call companies directly from search results.

Call-Only Ad

The rules for this new format correspond to those for normal text ads. Creating these ads is simple. They consist of the following five components:

  1. Company Name: “Call: Company Name” (25 characters)
  2. Telephone Number: “Call: (089) 1234567”
  3. Text Line 1 (35 chars.)
  4. Text Line 2 (35 chars.)
  5. Display URL: “” (35 chars.)
Setup_Call-Only Ad

This ad format is specially designed for smartphone users. Costs are still per click, which does not automatically mean that a call will be placed. As a bidding strategy, Google recommends CPA- or ROAS-based optimization.

Those who have worked with Call Extensions in the past will enjoy this new format.

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Maximilian Hainlein

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