3 new AdWords Features for Simpler Multi-Channel Reporting

For advertisers who have multiple campaigns in search-, display-, and shopping networks and track a variety of advertising goals, reporting is a slow and laborious task – until now. Google has just introduced three new features which simplify reporting across multiple campaign types and goals considerably. 

1. Retrieve performance data according to campaign type

Now, a single click in the side navigation menu allows AdWords users to filter data by campaign type, such as shopping campaigns or campaigns in the display network. To do so, simply click the drop-down menu next to „All Campaigns“ and select the relevant filter (assuming that there are multiple campaign types in the account).

Filter Campaign Type
Source: http://adwords.blogspot.de

2. Display relevant columns for the selected campaign type

Previously, column adjustments were always lost when switching between campaign types. With this new feature, AdWords saves your column adjustments for each campaign type – the next time you view it, your previous column selection and arrangement will be automatically displayed again.

3. Access relevant data faster with pre-defined column sets

For users who have multiple campaigns of the same type, but different advertising goals, it used to be necessary to define column sets by hand. Thanks to the new, pre-defined column sets, it’s now easy and quick to switch back and forth between reporting columns according to different goals.  The suggested column sets are Google’s recommendation. These can be selected from the „customize columns” menu.

Pre-defined Columns
Source: http://adwords.blogspot.de

According to Google, these new features will roll out in the next few weeks. Of course, these changes will only make a difference for advertisers whose accounts have more than one campaign type.


Maximilian Hainlein

I'm working for crealytics as Social Media and Marketing Manager since 2011. My motto: "It's better to be the needle than the haystack."