3 Important Additions to Google AdWords and Bing Ads

For some time Google has been dropping hints about launching some new AdWords innovations. Last week they finally revealed their latest advertising developments in a live stream video. Similarly, Microsoft is working on improving their Bing ad products, regularly informing about new features on their website. Here’s a brief summary of three of the latest developments in the world of AdWords and Bing.

1. AdWords: New Ad Formats for Automotive and Travel Industries

As mobile advertising continues to grow, Google is investing a large share of its resources into developing their mobile offering. In order to enable the best on-the-go search experience for its users, Google recently launched two new ad formats optimised for mobile terminals.

  • Automotive ads: According to Google, potential car buyers spend roughly 15 hours online to search for information on different purchase options. Of course, they welcome any chance to visually glimpse their future vehicle during their online search. Google’s new ad format satisfies this demand, providing a sequence of pictures as well as further information simply by clicking on one of the images. Those who decide on making a purchase can select their seller of choice by clicking on the button “Dealers” according to their attitude towards store locations, prices, technical specifications, etc.
  • Hotel ads: Every day, thousands of people search Google for hotels – often while travelling. Recently, Google introduced hotel ads to enable advertisers to supply the demand of mobile search results for accommodation. These ads contain extensive information and photos of different hotels as well as price lists of different travel companies. Users now have the chance to simply click on the button “Book” to land on the relevant partner website.
Auto und Hotel Ad
Source: http://adwords.blogspot.de

2. AdWords: Measuring beyond the latest clicks

Understanding the distribution of conversions across different channels and devices poses a problem that many advertisers are familiar with and that at least as many companies are trying to solve. So far, AdWords offered five different options of attribution modelling:

  • Last Click
  • First Click
  • Time Decay
  • Linear
  • Position Based

Until now, we were still searching for clues which keywords are involved in the purchase process and which ones have an influence on sales and should, consequently, be optimised differently. For this purpose, Google has launched a new data-driven attribution model that uses your conversion data to calculate the share of each keyword along the conversion path and integrates the information gained into the automated bid management.

Datengetriebene Attribution
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EV8VC8n24E

3. Bing Ads: New iOS App for campaign management

After Google launched its AdWords app for Android in early March, Bing released its own iOS App for Bing Ads in April. Available for download in all iTunes stores, the app allows you to…

  • … view the performance of your accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • … adjust your budget and bids.
  • … pause and activate your campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • … receive notifications in case of emergency, e.g. if your credit card is about to expire.
Bing Ads für iOS
Source: itunes.apple.com

For more developments and innovations check out the AdWords live stream video on YouTube or Bing Ads support website.


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