Ad customizer: new AdWords feature for real-time updates

As reported by Search Engine Land, Google started to roll out a new feature to AdWords called “Ad Customizer”.

Similar to but other than dynamic keyword insertion, ad customizers insert any text in your ad that you define using parameters that go within {braces}.

Source: Search Engine Land

To do so, the parameter gets replaced by dynamic text when your ad’s triggered by a user’s search query. These parameters can be filled by ad customizer data and/or the countdown function. Here’s how Google explains the two options:

  1. Ad customizer data: This is a data set you upload to AdWords in a spreadsheet file. Customizers reference the name of this data set, as well as an attribute it includes. For example, the customizer {=Discounts.PercentOff} references a data set named “Discounts,” and one of its attributes, named “PercentOff.”
  2. The COUNTDOWN function: Customizers with a COUNTDOWN function include arguments, or directions, for that function within parentheses (like this). The customizer {=COUNTDOWN(Discounts.CountdownDate,’fr’)}, for example, includes a COUNTDOWN function with 2 arguments. The first argument (Discounts.CountdownDate) tells the customizer what date and time to count down to, which is specified in a file named “Discounts.” The second argument (“fr”) tells the customizer to display that time in a particular language (French).

Why should you use ad customizers? Well, they let you include anything you like. You can easily create hundreds of tailored ad variations for a product that e.g. is limited temporally – and update the copy texts in real-time.

Ad customizers can be used within any text ad on the Search or Display Network. But: they cant be used for the URL fields.


Maximilian Hainlein

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