AdWords Wrap-Up: AdWords Editor 11, Countdown Widget and More

Just before Christmas, Google was working very hard and made us a present of several new AdWords features. I want to give you a short overview of all these shiny new things like the AdWords Editor 11, the countdown widget or custom columns.

AdWords Editor 11

Google gave the AdWords Editor a facelift including a bunch of new features and the new version number 11. The most important changes are the redesigned interface, opening multiple accounts simultaneously as well as multi-selecting items.

The interface now allows for “easier account navigation and management, including: a visual refresh, updated layout, re-organized options and settings, streamlined data view and toolbar, more prominent search, and revamped tools.”

In addition, you can now open multiple accounts (in multiple windows) and even drag & drop items from one window to the other. Furthermore, you can multi-select campaigns or ad groups using Ctrl + click (Windows) or ⌘ + click (Mac), which hasn’t been possible before and has always been a pain in the ****.

For more insights you can watch the short video or check the whole list here.

Countdown Widget

In September, we reported on the new AdWords ad customizers that allow users to insert any text in their ad that they define using parameters that go within {braces}. InsideAdWords now introduced the new countdown widget.

adwords countdown widget The new widget allows you to dynamically count down to important events like promotions in your ads just by typing “{=” into any line of ad text (when creating text ads in the ‘Ads’ tab). The new widget will be rolled out over the next weeks.

Custom Columns

As PPC Hero reports, Google now allows users to create custom columns for metrics important to them. For example, you can now combine clicks and a device like ‘Mobile’ and you’d get a custom column on ‘Mobile Clicks‘ as well as add them to any campaign or ad group report. This is especially great for customers looking for unique or individual metrics.

Custom Columns in AdWords AdWords for Video Reporting

Google announced a video analytics page in ‘AdWords for Video’ (also see Search Engine Land). Up until now, advertisers could only see performance data in ‘AdWords for Video’ on videos that appeared as ads. If you’d like to now how your video performed outside the AdWords hemisphere, you had to log into your YouTube account. Not anymore!

adwords for video analytics As you can see above, you can now analyse your video’s view in terms of paid and non-paid views within ‘AdWords for Video’. In addition, you now also have access to the audience retention graph, which has formerly only been available in YouTube Analytics.

Credit Card Payments

Search Engine Roundtable found out about a change in Google’s AdWords Credit Card Payment Policy via Twitter. According to the tweets, Google has stopped accepting credit card payments from their “Large Customer Sales” group, switching them to paper or electronic invoicing. This change affects about 1% of Google’s AdWords customers, but will Google potentially save ~2% on credit card fees.


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