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Crealytics eCommerce Café: Kirk Williams

At the SMX West 2017 Conference in San Jose, we had the opportunity to interview Kirk Williams, Owner of ZATO Marketing, about the current and upcoming trends in all things SEM. Full interview, below.

Youtube link 

If you’re interested to hear more from Kirk and what he’s up to at ZATO, check out @PPCKirk

Stay tuned for more Crealytics eCommerce Café, as we will be at SMX London, May 23-24.

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Crealytics eCommerce Café: Elizabeth Marsten

At the SMX West 2017 Conference in San Jose, we had the pleasure to chat with Elizabeth Marsten, Sr. Director of e-Commerce Growth Services at CommerceHub, about the current and upcoming trends in all things SEM. Check out the full interview below.

Direct Youtube link.

To stay tuned with Elizabeth, you can follow her on Twitter, @ebkendo.

We will be at SMX London, May 23-24…more chats to come!

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Feed Title Changes: A Complete How-To Guide

Our goal: Maximize traffic by integrating high-potential search queries into your product feed titles.


Why change product titles?

In early tests, we saw that adding the correct term to your product title can lead to massive uplifts in traffic:

Which kind of queries actually work?

To find out more about the impact of title changes, we conducted a series of further tests consisting of 3 strategies:

1. Unrelated Terms: Terms with volume on Google, but no relation to the product – which therefore don’t show up in product titles

2. Existing Queries: High-traffic Shopping queries that aren’t included in titles

3. Under-represented Queries:

(a) “Low share of voice” Shopping queries that aren’t included in titles and could get more impressions according to market size

(b) Text Ads Queries: Terms that work well in Text Ads but don’t receive Shopping traffic

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Speak your customer's language with Feed Title Optimization

Speak your customer’s language with killer Product Titles

What’s in a name?

Well, unfortunately, when it comes to paid advertising a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet. Sorry, Shakespeare.

In the world of Google Shopping, the name you give your products in your product feed is quite possibly the most important thing you can do to ensure a good ROI. Not only do your Product Titles help Google decide whether or not your product is relevant to the search query, but they will also entice more shoppers to click on your product.

Providing all the required data in the right format according to Google’s product data specification is mandatory, of course. But, to really make the most of Google Shopping, you need to start speaking your customer’s language.

What do we mean by that? Well, we did some testing to see just how much Product Titles effected performance and what sort of language works best.

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How voice search will change PPC

Should Voice Search really change your retail Digital Marketing strategy?

Talking is easier than typing.

Which is why all the big technology providers have invested so much time and research into developing the perfect digital personal assistant. Cortana, Siri, Google Now and now the Amazon Echo have all made major strides when it comes to voice recognition.

And, people are finally starting to take notice. According to Timothy Tuttle, a voice interface specialist at MindMeld, “at the end of 2015 41% of smartphone users had begun using voice search in the last 6 months.” That’s an estimated 50 billion searches per month.

These voice searches aren’t confined to the mobile space anymore either, they’re increasingly integrated into other devices such as laptops, tablets, smart home hubs and game consoles.

Being able to use natural language for a search is certainly convenient for the user, but what should it mean for the Digital Marketer?

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