Benchmark your Google Shopping Remarketing Performance with this simple script

- Alexander Paluch

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Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) and Customer Match have been proven to drive incremental revenues of 18% or more.

At Crealytics, we’ve seen many accounts and we developed a few rule-of-thumb benchmarks that give us an idea of how much potential we can unleash by fine-tuning the Remarketing strategy – be it via RLSA or Customer Match.

A simple way to assess the status quo is by understanding how much budget runs through your Audience Remarketing lists and what percentage of revenue they drive. Typically, Remarketing ad spend makes up as much as 40%-45% of overall spend and drives a staggering 60% of revenue. This should come as no surprise since the customer journey has become more and more complex.

Of course, this is just a benchmark and not all AdWords accounts and traffic acquisition strategies are created equal. Think of this as a common pattern that we have seen in well-performing Shopping accounts among our customers. It’s still useful, as it can provide you some sort of orientation for your Remarketing activities.

How does your Audience traffic perform?

In order to give you a fast overview, we have a created a simple AdWords script that helps you to test your Google Shopping performance against the benchmark to get a rough idea of the Audience Remarketing uplift potential in your account.

You can just copy and paste the script – no need to let anyone access your account.

After running the script, you’ll be emailed an analysis like this one:

This way, you can easily see how your audience spend compares to the benchmark.

Enter your details in the box below to download the Crealytics Audience Account Check Benchmark script.


How to run the RLSA Benchmark script

For the script to run properly, you just need the Google Conversion tracking activated. It works even better if you track revenues.

Step 1: Go to the AdWords MCC hosting the AdWords account(s) with your Shopping campaigns.

Click on Bulk Operations > Scripts and press the + Script button.

Step 2: Insert the script and Authorize

Download the AdWords script and replace the existing boilerplate code with the contents of this script. Press the Authorize now button.

Google will ask you for permission to execute the script. Don’t worry, it will only read from your account, no changes will be made to it. Results will not be shared with anyone, so you are in full control.

Step 4: Customize the script

Enter your AdWords account ID.

Tip: you can enter several accounts in the form [‘123-456-7890’, ‘890-567-1234’].

Also, enter your email address to get the results of the report. Don’t worry, your E-mail address will not be exposed to anyone.

Step 5: Hit the Preview Button

Give the script a little time. Depending on the size of your account, it takes between 5 and 10  minutes to crunch your account data and send you the overview via mail.

Tip: When executing any third party script for the first time, always use the Preview button. This way, you make sure that no script will be able to cause unexpected changes.

An e-mail telling you about your Audience traffic will arrive in your inbox a few minutes later!

How can you improve your Audience Remarketing performance?

  1. The first thing to check is whether or not you have created all important audiences. Use this Audience Remarketing Cheat Sheet to quickly see if you may have missed any important Audience Lists.
  2. Check how your Audience lists are defined. Get started with this RLSA configuration check.
  3. Make sure that you are using the Remarketing targeting options on your Shopping campaigns or ad groups.
  4. Evaluate how well your KPIs like ROAS are working for the audience list & campaign or ad group combination. If they are above your targets, increase bid modifiers accordingly.

If you do have questions or comments, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or two.

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