What’s new in Bing Ads this June?

Bing Ads

In April we posted an article about the Google Keyword Planner and its recent upgrades, e.g. the Bid Adjustment, which gives you a preview of how the traffic for one or more keywords or Ad Group is estimated and what change in traffic an adjustment of bids could cause.

Bing Ads now started to roll out its Bid landscape to all markets
This feature also has been announced in April. It’s very similar to the Google feature. Bid landscape shows you how different estimated bids would have affected your impressions and clicks over the previous seven days.

Bid Landscape

For US customers, Bid landscape is also available at the ad group level (standard: keyword level). At the ad group level, you can choose to change all of your keyword bids or you can update only your ad group bid and leave your individual keyword bids unchanged. If you want to know more about Bid landscape, you can click here.

Product ads now available on the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool
In April we also mentioned the Product ads as a new feature within Bing Ads. This new ad format is now available on the Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool which helps you verify what search queries and other user input will trigger your ads. It can also help you diagnose why certain ads are not displaying when expected. Previously only text ads were displayed in this tool.

Automatically include tracking codes with your ads
By using Bings new automated URL tracking, you can get more information about your campaigns automatically, e.g. which keywords people used, which ads they clicked, etc.

The tracking code looks like this:


If you are using Product Ads, this tracking code is added to the Product URL in your catalog feed.
This structure is the same across all analytics tools. However, different analytics tools can have different URL tracking parameters, so you have to refer to the documentation for your own tracking tool to see what is available.

Exclude plurals from exact match keywords
For English ads in the United States, plurals are also considered an exact match. Now you can choose to not include plurals by going to your campaign’s Settings page. Under Advanced settings, expand Keyword matching options and select No, use only my exact match keywords. To do this in Bing Ads Editor, go to the Keyword matching options drop-down list under the Campaigns tab.

Location targeting improvements
Bing has unified the settings for area and radius targeting, so that you can apply both types to a single campaign or ad group. Users are now able to enter a radius targeting range in miles or kilometers. The mapping feature has also been improved. This is now available by using the new targeting tab in Bing Ads Editor.


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