Black Friday – 130% YoY Growth in the Apparel Segment in the UK

Biggest Uplift in Fashion Related Queries: +130% Growth YoY

Using Google Trends, you can see that last week’s YoY traffic was 130% higher for fashion related queries containing ‘black friday’, i.e. ‘black friday clothing deals’.

We had a look at our own campaigns in the UK, and general traffic uplift ranges around the same growth compared to last year. 

The fashion segment is growing much faster than the other Google categories, which only saw an uplift of 45% YoY, see second graph below.

Search Volume Fashion
Search Volume Fashion

In all Google Categories, uplift is only +45% YoY so far. 

Search Volume All Categories
Search Volume All Categories

The remaining question is, how much of this traffic will be incremental, and how much of it is just happening earlier

Do you see similar behaviour in your campaigns? Please let us know in the commentary section!



Claudia Brunner

Claudia Brunner works as a Senior PPC manager for crealytics and has 5+ years of experience in managing and successfully scaling leading fashion retailers, with a focus on the UK market. Her expertise lies on account strategies, market expansion and audience segmentation.

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