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What We Learned | A Visit to DMEXCO 2016


Last week Team Crealytics visited DMEXCO, the largest gathering of marketing professionals in Europe. With over 50,000 attendees and 1,000 vendors, it’s seen as the place to be if you’re in the digital marketing business.

As a service for those that couldn’t attend (and as a summary for those that did), we braved the crowds to collect the most interesting content, thoughts and opinions that we heard over the course of the event.   

While the seminars and presentations ranged from eCommerce to Augmented Reality there were a few ideas commonly represented across the event.


  • Customer Experience (CX) must expand to include both offline and online experiences.


The current complexity of channels, touch-points, and advertising formats have generated Yottabytes of data. Making sense of that information across the consumer journey is key to maintaining and growing relationships.  We heard of brands using data in innovative ways to engage and improve customer experiences. Whether it is connecting online shopping with in-store pick-up, offering free Wi-Fi in stores, or using in-store devices to improve online retargeting and behavioural advertising, the role of technology to improve and enhance how customers interact with your brand was explored in depth.



  • We haven’t hit peak Programmatic yet.


While much of the event focused on the challenges posed by today’s fragmented and inconsistent programmatic ecosystem, there’s still opportunity and efficiencies to be found across the spectrum. We learned that mobile programmatic is still in its infancy, and that targeting continues to get more relevant and specific. We also saw growth in ancillary tools for the programmatic marketplace, particularly among fraud identification and prevention companies as well as brand safety.  



  • What’s Next: VR, AR, and Ad Blocker


With the recent announcement that AdBlocker is pivoting to join the exchange fray, there was a lot of conversation about how to best address consumer ad choice. Native advertising is an obvious answer to the challenge of relevance and ad-blindness and there was also excitement surrounding Virtual and Augmented Reality. These experiential marketplaces provide opportunity for branded interactions and a more nuanced and meaningful interaction with potential customers.



  • There is no more Digital.


Maybe it’s not that Digital is disappearing; instead, it has become obvious that everything is now digital. We learned that the idea of TV shouldn’t be considered the primary driver of audience engagement.  Now the primary goal is to create content that is relevant and meaningful and find the best distribution for that content. TV then becomes just one of many distribution points, just as social becomes just one of many measurement criteria.  Furthermore, organizing by silos (direct, traditional, email, search) leads to a disjointed and unmeasurable view of your customer. Without adequate cross- and omni-channel measurement tools, we lose valuable insight and understanding of what is meaningful to our customers.

Overall we found the conference to be an outstanding forum for idea generation and networking.  With DMEXCO becoming the place to “see and be seen” in digital marketing, we find the conference to be incredibly valuable and a worthwhile investment.    

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Search, Analytics & Social Conference (look out for the unicorn keyword!)

What: Search, Analytics and Social Conference (SAScon)

Where: Manchester

When: 16 & 17 June

Ticket price: £295.00 +VAT

Last week I attended SAScon, a Search, Analytics and Social Media conference taking place for the 7th time and attracting over 350 digital marketing professionals (mainly senior). My aim was to get some insight into the relationship between PPC and SEO in the future and how it will be influenced by the technological innovations.

Topics covered:

  •   Creativity and data in different channels
  •   Creative retargeting
  •   Social commerce
  •   Success measurement with alternative metrics

Most interesting speaker:

Jim Banks from Groove – talked about how PPC has evolved since its beginning, gave examples of best practices and highlighted what the focus should be in the future; including cross device tracking, the growth of Bing, social and virtual reality.

Banks also spoke about finding the “unicorn” keyword – that keyword that no one else has found, but which can become the most profitable one. He used an example relating to the increased interest in credit ratings seen online a few years ago. The unicorn keyword was “teletrack” – a large volume of users were searching for it, but hardly any advertisers thought to bid on it. It cost only 10cent. Banks said that he built his summer house off the back of this keyword.

Top takeaways:

  • With Mobile continuing to grow (5.5 billion users predicted by 2020), there is increased interest in voice search. As such, the focus should be on long tail keywords – on predicting what users would ask search engines. Also, marketing efforts should be adapted to ongoing technological innovations such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which will influence customers’ online behaviour.
  • Invest more in Bing and don’t just import duplications of your Google campaigns. In particular Bing Shopping Ads are growing in popularity due to the adoption of Windows 10, so there is increasing opportunity here.

Was it worth the ticket?

From my point of view, the conference had a great mixture of search, analytics and social related talks. It was interesting to hear best practices for different channels from digital marketing experts, as well as to gain insights on what the future will bring and how the industry will be affected.


Event Recap: Shift Digital

What: Shift Digital – “an event aimed at the altered minds, business models, skill sets, buying habits and marketplaces driven by digital disruption – and the ensuing transformation imperative.”

Where: London

When: 24-25th May 2016

Ticket price: £695 + VAT for 2 day pass

In short: Good update on status quo, a bit too ambiguous.


Last week I attended Shift Digital, a fairly small-scale event (approx 200 guests), aimed at CMOs and CEOs. From my point of view, I hoped to get the bigger picture and strategic insights into where the industry is headed.

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smx london

Event Recap: SMX London

This week we attended SMX London, a huge search marketing conference, with a programme by Search Engine Land. Over two days, experts in SEA, SEO, social and mobile presented their insights and best practices, as well as a series of workshops for strategic sessions.

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SEA camp 2016

Last week, two of us Junior Account Managers at Crealytics attended SEAcamp in Jena, Germany. A two-day event dedicated to PPC and SEA with a focus on Google Adwords and Google Shopping. With two days of expert speaker sessions and discussions, it was a fantastic learning opportunity for our PPC team.

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Nominations and commendations, Camato for Product Ads is making waves

On the 26th of April, members of our team, joined by some of our clients, attended the UK Performance Marketing Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House, London. We had been shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Performance Marketing Technology’, and were highly commended in our category. This was an exceptionally strong category with some big names and we are very proud to be named amongst them. Big thanks to our clients for joining us on an enjoyable evening, and congratulations to all the winners.




In addition, we have also been nominated in two categories (Best Use of Technology in a Search Campaign and Best Search Software) in the Drum Search Awards. We are very proud to be recognised in these categories and we look forward to another fun evening and keep our fingers crossed for a good result.




The Google Shopping Days Event: Can Google Become Not Just a Search Engine, but a Personal Assistant?

On April 7th, 2016, crealytics attended the Google Shopping Days event, which took place for the third time in Hamburg. An impressive line up of speakers including leading Product Managers brought a lot of insights on the upcoming features and discussed the changes in consumer behaviour in retail. Let’s take a look at the most compelling insights.

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OMKB 2016 – Key Insights

  • Most interesting learning: Snapchat was hyped as a promising portal to expand companies’ reach towards younger audiences and to introduce products and special advertising!
  • Most useful advice: DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns are a nice and easy tool for internationalisations and to cover the long tail section of your accounts!
  • Key takeaway: Extremely wide range of online products, rapid availability and shorter delivery times raise consumer expectations towards getting any product at any time!

Read on for a full summary of the event!

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