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Google Shopping is Conquering the Earlier Stages of the Customer Journey

Google have announced the beta of Showcase Ads in the US, UK and Australia. The new Google Shopping ad types, Local Inventory Ads and Showcase Ads mark the beginning of how Google Shopping will be supporting the earlier stages of the customer journey, for example when users are searching by broad terms. Instead of just showing a selection of multiple products over many retailers, the user is led to a Google-hosted area, in which more products of the same retailer, together with ratings and reviews collected across retailers, are shown. Thus, Google starts to let users explore and discover a retailer’s product offering outside of their own website.

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Ofcom report results

Ofcom 2016, Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes: What we learned

Ofcom recently released their latest annual report on how people in the UK use and interact with media. It is a cornucopia of data on consumer habits and how these have changed over the past decade. In this piece I’d like to highlight some of the statistics that stood out and will be of particular interest to advertisers.


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Take your AdWords Scripts to the next level – Part 1

As experienced PPC managers we love AdWords Scripts. By using JavaScript in our AdWords accounts, we can automate multiple tasks and save ourselves valuable time. 


In this post series, we will show you how to use a completely free tool stack that will take your AdWords scripting efforts to the next level. The first part of this blog post will give you a good overview and take you through the first steps, whereas the next parts will explain each tool in more details, with examples.

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AdWords Script: Emergency Stop

When managing large scale PPC campaigns it sometimes may become necessary to pause all the activity for a period of time. This could be due to website downtime or budget constraints for example. When this is done manually, this can be a very labour intensive task, depending on the number of accounts and campaigns involved.

To solve this problem we developed an AdWords script that helps you to pause and reactivate all campaigns within one or several AdWords accounts – immediately or on a scheduled date. The script will remember what campaigns it paused and will only reactivate those same campaigns. Previously paused campaigns remain paused. It also sends e-mail notifications about what actions were taken.

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AdWords Script: New Keyword Suggestions Based on Shopping Search Terms

Google Shopping is enjoying more and more popularity, and it can also be useful for classic text ad campaigns: The valuable search queries that Shopping provides can be used to profitably develop text ad campaigns. Unfortunately, it still requires a considerable amount of manual effort to determine which Shopping search queries should be included in text ad campaigns.

For this reason, we’ve developed an MCC-level AdWords script which allows users to regularly search up to 25 accounts for valuable search queries from Shopping campaigns and check these against existing keywords in their text ad accounts. The necessary settings for each account can be adjusted using a simple Google Spreadsheet.

Today, I’d like to introduce this script and make it available to you.

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Wie wir +8 Mio. Anzeigen verlustfrei auf Upgraded URL umgestellt haben

Der 1. Juli war Google’s Stichtag für seine Upgraded URLs, mit welchen der Technologiekonzern Marketers zukünftig ein sehr viel leichteres Leben verspricht. Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt galt es für Werbetreibende jedoch erst einmal, die Umstellung hunderttausender von URLs zu bewältigen – und zwar möglichst ohne dadurch an Performance einzubüßen. Während einige von ihnen durchaus ihre Schwierigkeiten mit der Umstellung hatten, verlief diese bei uns (mit nicht unerheblichem Aufwand) erfolgreich: 19 Millionen Keywords und 8,5 Millionen Anzeigen konnten ohne Leistungseinbußen migriert werden. Wie wir das geschafft haben möchte ich Euch heute kurz erläutern.

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