crealytics company outing: one company, 1000 competencies

One company, 1000 competences

One company, 1000 competencies. In keeping with this motto, nearly 70 crealytees from all different departments joined this year’s company outing to Frielendorf, Hesse. Since we opened our office in Berlin in 2012, it has been the special wish of the management to bring together both our offices, Passau and Berlin, at least once a year, so we can meet on a personal level, exchange experiences and bond with each other.

After a seven-hour bus ride, we all met at the idyllic holiday park Silbersee, three (respectively four days) of team building, workshops and fun lying ahead of us. A short address of welcome was followed by a shared lunch, before all crealytees were separated into several groups for the first workshop on redefining our company values. I think we got some pretty good results, making sure people are looking into the subject.

First workshop on company values
First workshop on company values

To enjoy the end of the evening in a relaxed atmosphere, we met up for a big barbecue. It became quite an adventure as there was no light and our chefs had to cook with their head- and flashlight on. Nonetheless, the meat and side dishes were excellent and spirits made it even more fun. We ended the first day with some parties taking place all over the holiday park, offering the chance to further talk to colleagues you rarely or even never met.

Work hard, party harder

The second day started with several professional workshops, among others “Communication between teams”, “Giving, taking and using feedback” or “Use meetings efficiently and keep them short”. All workshops were conducted by crealytics employees, falling back on the many competencies we have. The workshops received very good feedback from the participants as the presenters managed to vividly address challenges that most companies have to face when growing as rapidly as we do.

Professional workshops
Professional workshops allowed for deeper insights

Due to the lack of sleep or probably too much booze the night before, most crealytees were looking forward to the afternoon. While some took a nap, others enjoyed the fun activities the holiday park offered, such as summer coasting slide, swimming, high-wire garden or miniature golf.

Fun activities
The “Nautic Jet” was one of the highlights at the fun park

After that, our HR team (who organized the trip perfectly) had another ace up its sleeve. Every crealytee had to draw two lots and meet up at a certain house with colleagues who drew the same lot. Then, they received a box full of ingredients and had to cook their own meal and dessert. A really nice and delicious approach to team building. We definitely had a lot of fun cooking together.

Cooking together
Cooking together as a personal way of team building

After a day of hard and honest work, we all came together in the legendary house no. 17 for another jolly party. As reported, some managed to stay awake until dawn.

Before most of the participating crealytees left the next day and headed back to Passau and Berlin, some of our colleagues offered several enthralling workshops, sharing their personal interest with us. This included for example dancing classes for slow waltz and hip hop, self-defence, boxing, meditation and qigong.

Last year, we had a thrilling time in Austria at the foot of the Dachstein mountain. But in my opinion, this year was even better. The holiday park was awesome, it offered so many possibilities to meet up and talk: the houses, the grounds, the fun park or sports grounds. You could move and reside freely all the time. In addition, the workshops were varied, profound and productive.


Maximilian Hainlein

I'm working for crealytics as Social Media and Marketing Manager since 2011. My motto: "It's better to be the needle than the haystack."