dmexco 2015 Preview: Bridging Worlds

From 16th – 17th September 2015, the who’s who of the digital industry meets in Cologne for the annual dmexco. Building bridges between the analogue and digital worlds, so goes the dmexco motto of 2015. Digital and economy merging to become “Digiconomy”.

This year the dmexco starts with 6 innovative conference platforms and 200+ hours of conference program. More than 500 speakers from all around the world and approximately 32K+ trade visitors are expected.

The crealytics team will also attend the dmexco and we’re excited hear the thoughts of some of the most influential and inspirational speakers from google, yahoo, Facebook, Otto, PayPal and many more.

Key-Trends: Finding the Way to the Consumer

While planning our time at dmexco, we have identified the following key-trends within the dmexco program:

  • Mobile
  • Big Data
  • Social Media

Mobile has been a big trend at dmexco for the last few years. Traffic from mobile devices continues to increase steadily and mobile has become a key revenue driver for many advertisers.

More and more websites are becoming responsive and checkout experiences continue to become more user-friendly. Thus it is interesting to have a deeper look at the current marketing innovations and strategies connected to the mobile user experience.

We will definitely be attending the debate “The internet of marketing things” in the congress hall to gain insights into the smart world of connected devices like wearables, robots, drones, connected cars and household devices.

Beside the seminars “Mobile Disruption – Wie Mobile die Welt verändert und welche Auswirkungen das für Ihr Marketing hat“ by BVDW. also recommend you sneak into “Marketing in a World of Mobile Commerce” by Criteo and “What’s next on Mobile? The end of the app and the rise of Artificial Intelligence” by TamTam. We are also excited about the very promising work lab: “Native Mobile 2.0 – Non-intrusive Ads” from the mobile specialist agency YOC.

The Power of Big Data is also a theme at this year`s dmexco. 2015 is the year of in-depth analytical data driven experiments. It is the era of transparency. Big Data is not only a Buzzword. Hard facts and figures from analysis software will help make decisions leading to success or failure. Random individual decisions and gut feelings will be replaced by data driven decisions. Tools are being developed to gather and capture the right data to make this possible.

At this year’s dmexco we are curious about the Big Data debate “The role of Data in the attention economy” and the following two seminars:

  • “Enough with the Pretty Brochures, Let’s Start Building Better Business Tools: the Art of Data-Driven Marketing” by FFW;
  • “Confidence is good, certainty is better – Escrow as the new model for data-driven marketing“ by Semasio.

On the second day we are looking forward to “How to Optimise Digital Advertising with Smart Data” by

The transformation of Social Media into a commercial platform (e.g. buy buttons, buyable pins etc.) is driving retailers to increase their social media budgets. User engagement oriented campaigns and personalized marketing will be given more attention. In response to increased user content production, content co-creation between brands and consumers will become a popular trend.

Don’t miss Amy Cole from Instagram on the dmexco stage with the opening news of the day “Instagram to announce – The next steps for Advertising” in the congress hall.

We also recommend the following seminars to deep dive into this topic:

  • “Effektiv in sozialen Netzwerken werben” by esome advertising;
  • “Winning on social, mobile and video in China” by iClick Interactive Asia;
  • “Das Potential von Social Media- Empehlungsmarketing” by tweet plus.

Additional information on all seminars, work labs and speakers at the dmexco 2015 can be found here:

Meet-and-Greet: The Best dmexco Parties 2015

Last but not least dmexco 2015 is not only a place to capture the latest Online-Marketing trends. It is also a great place to network. Here are our recommendations for the best dmexco parties in 2015:

  • Official dmexco Party: Smart party for sober business discussions and networking
  • OMD: Powered by has always been a nice alternative to the official party.
  • Online Marketing Rockstars: If you are not sure about what party to choose, go to the Online Marketing Rockstars. It takes place in the Cologne Bootshaus and has acts like MOONBOTICA, DJ SHOW and many more. The ideal atmosphere for networking and party.

See you there!


Eva Bronisch-Holtze

Eva Bronisch –Holtze is a digital marketing expert with 7+ years of experience working across various client verticals such as retail, fashion and food & beverages. Eva has driven successful projects across multiple markets while always finding new ways to improve performance whilst maintaining a laser focus on results.