dmexco 2015 Recap – Another Successful Year in Connecting the Global Digital Economy

With over 43K visitors, this year’s dmexco broke another record and successfully mastered the bridge leading to the “Digiconomy”. We also attended dmexco, eager to listen to and discuss the hottest news, strategies and trends.

Here are some of what turned out to be for us, the highlights of this year’s event:

In a packed talk, Mirko Platz, Managing Director of Channel Pilot Solutions presented how social platforms will allow retailers to generate conversions, something he considers to be the next driver for growth.

While social platforms are currently trying to find ways to monetise, retailers have to decide if they want to be part of their experiments. With platforms changing their ad technologies, advertisers incur the risk of sunk platform investments by shooting against moving targets.

The dominant rise of the Buy Now buttons is also the beginning of a major shift – with social platforms becoming marketplaces. By processing ordering and payments, every single click on the buy button will add to the platforms targeting capabilities – across all advertisers and ad formats.


Another talk we found to be very insightful was „How to optimize digital advertising with smart data” by Data-Driven Advertising has become the key element for digital marketing. In the near future data will be the currency of digital marketing, explained Martin Hubert, CEO of The typical issues of todays` data advertising can rise from different sources such as:

  • Managers who are lost in their tracked data,
  • Collected data that is not relevant,
  • The creation of „data silos“ missing the link between different channels,
  • Lack of knowledge in terms of building up strategies for specific campaign goals and
  • Lack of transparency in the data market itself.

There will be a rising need for cross-channel data integration, rising expectations for customized data strategies and a rising demand for transparent Data Handling. In order to create a smart data centric strategy emphasizes on the following success factors:  relevant, diverse (factual and behavioural), quantitative, granular and secure data, powered by smart technology and intelligent algorithms to reach the right user throughout the whole customer journey!


ZenithOptimedia & GlobalWebIndex’s talk shed some light on how mobile is changing the game of online marketing. Users are spending more time on mobiles than on any other device.

The future of search regarding mobile are voice engines. It will be more and more interesting to analyse search behaviour for voice search. The rise of adblockers is going to be a future issue for desktop devices, but it is already a mobile issue. IPhone users especially are more likely to block ads (+18%). The new iOS 9 comes with an ad blocker already built in with the browser. For mobile marketing this means that it will basically kill the mobile ad banner and marketing activities will become more focused on Apps and in App ads.


Yieldr’s Mendel Senf also claimed the speaker’s corner with an engaging talk on the eight best programmatic practices – we think it is worth re-iterating one here:

More variables do not equal “better”!

Mendel warns advertiser not to be too easily impressed by complex models, involving hundreds of variables to ring fence your audience. The incremental predictive value of additional variables gets less and less – most of the predictive power is hidden in just a few items. Working with high-intent search data every day, we surely know what Mendel is talking about here.


PPC advertising is not only the by far biggest online advertising channel, but also the most mature one. Since 2003, when AdWords was born, we’ve seen a shift in technology from optimising traffic acquisition and bids to creative optimisation. Tailor-made ad copies for every single keyword deliver higher CTRs and advertisers are rewarded with better quality scores and significantly lower costs on the bottom line. We’re observing a similar trend in programmatic display advertising: before targeting and bidding were the key topics, now creative optimisation is gaining more importance. Jörg Schneider had a speech about the Role of creation in programmatic advertising, raising awareness that programmatic is not just a means of delivery. Advertisers have to target the right audience, but then the key to success is to get the audience engaged by clicking on an ad. Special formats, such as full-screen interactive takeovers, perform much better than standard formats according to Schneider. Although the topic was interesting, we would have loved to get some insights on how technology can help to dynamically create relevant ads. Especially for direct response campaigns retailers would require a scalable, tech-driven solution.


After two days of insightful and valuable talks, we very much look forward to next year`s dmexco in Cologne!


Magdalene Prynda

Magdalene works as a Senior Account Manager for crealytics. She has several years of experience in PPC and a proven track record in successfully scaling international clients across various industry verticals.

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