Dynamic Search Ads: Bid Simulator now available

Source: Search Engine Land/Google

As reported by Search Engine Land, Google AdWords’ Bid Simulator is now available for Dynamic Search Ads.

For those who don’t know the Bid Simulator: it helps you to see how “different bids could have affected your ad performance over the last seven days.” It differentiates between:

  1. an estimation of clicks, costs, impressions, conversions and conversion values using a different max. CPC at keyword or ad group level,
  2. modelling and applying bid changes across your whole account with details at campaign level.

Since Dynamic Search Ads don’t use keywords, the Bid simulator is available for campaigns and ad groups as well as at auto target and subtabs.

About a month ago, we published a post about the Keyword Planner and its recent updates. You may wonder what the difference is between the Bid Simulator and Bid Adjustments within the Keyword Planner?

Google Support says:

Bid simulators estimate your ad performance based on detailed information that’s specific to your campaign, including your Quality Score and keywords. The Keyword Planner provides information about overall traffic patterns across all AdWords advertisers.


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