Eat your own dog food

One of crealytics’ main lines is that everybody should be involved in and understand our core business SEM (search engine marketing). Therefore at the end of last year, every single person in our team was obliged to manage a Google Adwords campaign. One advantage became obvious quite soon: You immediately feel the pain of the application users!

There was a feature request to add an aggregation of data to a reporting software. Before using the software myself, I never got around to implementing that one, because there were a lot of other requests and at that time requests were not prioritized by business value, so we as developers chose the features by our gut feeling. On the first day I had to eat my own dog food (and not only a small appetizer, but the full meal) I got so annoyed with that missing report that I did a quick estimation of how much time and energy this is going to cost me. The result was that I quite soon implemented the feature (which turned out easier than I thought), much to the relief of all campaign managers.

It’s really a completely different story to implement and frequently use a software yourself, rather than implement it, give it to someone else and hope they can stand the little annoyances 😉


Martin is developing a bid management solution for crealytics. He is also a long-term meditator and interested in neuro-feedback.

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