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Data is Power, Data Enables Progress

The Google Analytics Conference is the largest event in the DACH region exclusively dedicated to the topic of Google Analytics.

This year’s conference provided great insights for those with all levels of expertise with detailed workshops on how to use the basics, to advanced discussions on data governance and ownership.

A total of 25 speakers held 30 presentations in 15 sessions and 8 workshops on Google Analytics under the slogan “Three days accumulated knowledge and trends in e-commerce and analytics.”

Read on for an overview of the highlights of this year’s conference.


Google Analytics Training

During the training days, participants received both theoretical and practical step-by-step introduction into Google Analytics, supported by a slide deck 220 slides deep structured by:

  1. Basics and Getting Started
  2. Pages – & target analysis
  3. Traffic & Campaigns
  4. Individualisation

Besides the classic application of Google Analytics, the training highlighted several highly relevant topics such as personalisation, smart data, multi-channel funnels, segmentation and customization.

The training went into even more detail on how to use the Google tag manager, set up custom reporting, and enhance e-commerce to pimp your Analytics account and to get the information you need in a presentable format.


The Conference

What will the future look like, and what does a shop need to get there without falling behind?

On the second day, sandwiched between the trainings, was the primary Conference, which started out with key speeches, from market exerts such as Justin Cutroni (Google), painting a fascinating projection of the evolution of marketing tactics, stating that technology provides us with tremendous advantages and drives innovation. They also touched on the biggest challenges and opportunities at the moment, which are data integration, personalisation, machine learning, and the need for changes in organisation.


Programmatic Strategy / Programmatic Ads – An E-Commerce Milestone

The (offline) shop of the future will look different, will be much more digital, and will be more connected with the online world. Customers will be (and are) able to buy whatever they want, wherever they are, using several device and touching points before closing the purchase. Your business needs to be able to connect the dots.

Are the customers who buy on desktop now those same customers as the ones searching from a smartphone last week? When we have this information we can use growing marketing strategies such as programmatic ads, ad exchanges, and real time bidding to reach users at the right moment.


Google Analytics / Cross Device Tracking

You need to look at the bigger picture. Mobile seems to be unprofitable? Sure that’s possible, but when looking at the percentage of desktop conversions by users whose first touch-point with your shop was from ads on a mobile device? Google Analytics is one of the tools that can provide you with some great ways to find out important information exactly like this. If you tag and track your performance correctly you can use reports such as the conversion path report to find out which channel provides you with the highest profit at what point of the funnel and then adjust your attribution model accordingly. Want to grow? Push channels that tend to be at the beginning of the path. Have limited budget but want to get the highest possible profit out of it? Push channels that reach the customer closer to the conversion.

Google attribution expert Matthias Cada closed the first day with these highly current topics about programmatic ads and attribution models.



Overall the etailment Google Analytics conference was a great conference for Analytics users and online marketers. It had a perfect mixture of speeches and practice sessions for users of all levels. The main focus in most of the lectures was the growing importance of looking at the entire customer journey, not just at what happens at the last click. We really found it worthwhile!


Magdalene Prynda

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