Event Recap: New Platform Advertising (Part 1 – Teaser)

What: New Platform Advertising

Where: Hamburg

When: 26th May

In short: 360° degrees of insights and inspiration for an online marketing world that has turned into a pandemonium.


Yesterday, I attended the relatively new (2nd year) New Platform Advertising conference in Hamburg to explore the cutting-edge of the online marketing world, beyond PPC.

Aimed at explaining and showcasing the latest marketing platforms, the conference invited a broad range of guest speakers – advertisers, brands, CMOs, agencies and publishers – to shine a light in 30 minute talks on how new platforms help them to:

  1. Exploit first-mover advantages to massively scale at low cost using arbitrage effects (‘Growth Hacking’)
  2. Engage the Millennial generation through influencer marketing and direct communication techniques



Host Philipp Westermeyer explains how Influencer Marketing still misses scale

Topics covered

  • Brand new platforms like musical.ly and product hunt
  • Snapchat, messenger apps, podcasts and YouTube. We will take a deeper look at these in the next blog article.


Matthias Stock, Head of Social Media at Sixt, explains the mysteries of Snapchat


Content Quality 7 / 10

Some sales-heavy presentations, but mainly well-rounded inspirational insights by experts; covered with data points to help the audience in assessing the opportunity and costs involved.

Breadth of topics covered 9 / 10

A huge range of platforms were covered in one big track. Yet, there was still depth of information on each topic which kept the content insightful.

Atmosphere and joy 8 / 10

A funny and smart host created a “talk-show like” atmosphere in a great venue (music club on Reeperbahn). Good food and excellent coffee served.

The verdict:

Go if you are an Omni-Channel Digital Exec looking for new opportunities.


The conference is in German language only.


Next week we’ll bring you an in-depth review, which covers the topics from the conference in detail.


Alexander Paluch

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