Event Recap: Shift Digital

- Torsten Christ

What: Shift Digital – “an event aimed at the altered minds, business models, skill sets, buying habits and marketplaces driven by digital disruption – and the ensuing transformation imperative.”

Where: London

When: 24-25th May 2016

Ticket price: £695 + VAT for 2 day pass

In short: Good update on status quo, a bit too ambiguous.


Last week I attended Shift Digital, a fairly small-scale event (approx 200 guests), aimed at CMOs and CEOs. From my point of view, I hoped to get the bigger picture and strategic insights into where the industry is headed.

3 Tracks

  1. Digital leadership
  2. Customer experience & retention
  3. Customer acquisition


Most interesting speaker

Alison Conway from Belstaff – provided an outline of their marketing efforts and how they used internal digital empowerment to individualise their communication with existing clients, based on the information that they have.


Most valuable insight

Managing data – it’s not just about having data, but making it accessible to everyone. In the past, the issue was the access to data. But now the challenge is to present it in a way that everyone can use it to achieve their goals and generate insights without help from IT departments.

Example – BBC and their journalist’s use of audience data.

Over the years journalists have become increasingly interested in statistical insights on their articles and audiences. In response to this shift in interest, the BBC have adapted by making the usage data of their website more accessible to journalists – such as providing reports that are specific to their needs, in order to help inform future content.


Top takeaways

  1. Advertisers’ / agencies’ focus should be on the consumer and not the channel they’re using. The priority is now shifting from looking at each channel individually and pushing what works for marketers, to looking at what actually works for the customer and delivering integrated campaigns based on their particular needs.
  2. Embrace technology and make data accessible in your company. Most roles within a company have a use for valuable data now and it’s important to have the technologies and processes in place to help everyone leverage that.


Was it worth the ticket?

It would have been worth it if the messaging system / app was more widely used. As a result, networking was a little more challenging than it needed to be. I’d also say that there was a little too much “self promotion” in some of the talks, but granted, there is a fine line and this is subjective.


Torsten Christ has worked intensively with Paid Search since 2010 and has actively helped shape the company's development. As head of Campaign Management, the online-marketing enthusiast leads a team of 30 employees who are responsible for the conception and implementation of online marketing campaigns for some of Europe’s largest online retailers.

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