Facts and Festivities Day 1: The Perils of Slow Loading Times on Mobile

In a world of easy access, on-demand content, slow…streaming…speeds…can…be…frustrating.

Especially when it concerns handheld devices.

Swedish tech gurus Ericsson found that slow loading times triggered a rise in mobile users’ heart rates by 38 percent—stress levels equivalent to watching a horror film!

Before you hide behind the sofa, here are four top tips to get more conversions from your Mobile Landing Pages:

  • Make them as precise as possible (even if it means removing a breadth of additional related options).
  • Update your mobile site to be succinct and transactional.
  • Add filters that searchers expect in desktop websites, such as category and color.
  • Test various user experiences…this will help build a loading page that best matches the consumer’s buying journey.

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Luke is a Content Marketer at Crealytics

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