Shorts or smarty pants? Your first day of work at crealytics

First day of work

It’s your first day of work, it’s pretty hot outside and you’re not sure what to wear? A good many times, new employees would love to know what to expect on their first day of work in order not to drop a brick or just because they are nervous. Although crealytics is fun to work at, its employees are probably the nicest people on earth and there is nothing to worry about, this is no different to us.

Some time ago German job exchange platform asked our Human Resources Manager Hannah about the first day of work at crealytics and her experience on her first day. Let’s see what she said.

hannah_hr manager_crealytics
crealytics’ HR manager Hannah Jucknewitz

Berufsstart: How do you as a business prepare in advance for new employee’s first day at work and how does this proceed?

Hannah: We spare no expense for our new “crealytees”: for recent new additions to the workforce we’ve completely restructured the seating arrangements in our office. The communication between our IT and marketing experts, for example, can now be even quicker and better! The office is very colourful but we also have welcome gadgets ready, such as our crealytics USB stick. And mentally? We want our employees to feel at home from the start: a written brief interview allows old timers to find out more about the new crealytee. On the first day, our new employees are given a brief introduction to our programs, values, structure by the HR department and told what the first few weeks will involve, including the six-week PPC professional training course. Then there’s a tour of the offices where the new staff member will be greeted with plenty of smiles and company spirit! The complete package: if our new staff member is starting with us at very short notice, he or she can be housed in our employee apartment in the town centre. The best thing: a visit to a beer garden in the first week is a great opportunity to get to know people!

Berufsstart: How should employees prepare for their first day at work?

Hannah: We are delighted when our new arrivals bring their enthusiasm, curiosity and openness to crealytics. They should ideally be relaxed and rested when they start with us. Almost all new starters are familiar with our corporate values and Kununu employer rating. Our blog also gives an insight into the typical working day and professional development options.

Berufsstart: First impressions are often crucial – which pitfalls should new employees be sure to avoid?

Hannah: “You mix focus with creative freedom and spice it all up by adding a healthy working atmosphere – crealytics is for gourmets” was a description by my colleague Alexander Paluch (Product Owner). Our corporate culture can be compared to a “gourmet dish”: Each of our employees adds a different spice to the cooking – the synergy is what’s important! We like it when things have a human face and that includes minor mistakes on the first day at work.

Berufsstart: What advice do you have for the first day at work?

Hannah: During summer you should wear flip-flops and shorts 🙂 Our dynamic company spirit doesn’t have a dress code. Nevertheless, many former applicants have struggled through the first working day in a long-sleeved shirt and smarty pants. What some people find difficult, especially at a company of our size, however, is very important: when you spot a new face in the hallway introduce yourself rather than shyly scurrying through the corridors. I often notice that newbies don’t state their “role”, which makes it hard for the old hands to place them. Everyone loves muffins as a welcome present! Ask questions, spend the afternoon together in our eat-in kitchen or at the Inn, try to take things easy – things may not all run smoothly on the first day! This is exactly what colleagues are there for: to support our new team member.

Berufsstart: Memories and interesting anecdotes about the first day at work.

Hannah: My first memory: my new colleague and person sitting beside me who welcomed me with a hug. All my colleagues gave me a warm welcome – in the kitchen, in the corridor, at lunch dates and at our schnitzel evening. This made me feel great. What struck me right away was the positive company spirit and solidarity!


I’m sure after reading this interview you might find crealytics an interesting company to work at. Feel free to browse through our open positions here or send us your application to If you have any questions just leave a reply!


Maximilian Hainlein

I'm working for crealytics as Social Media and Marketing Manager since 2011. My motto: "It's better to be the needle than the haystack."