The Future is Now: Ramp up your Google Shopping ROI

- Andreas Reiffen

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) across desktop and mobile have taken the majority of retailers’ budgets and are driving search advertising growth. But mastering Google Shopping campaigns requires more than just a basic understanding of bid management and product feeds. You need to engage shoppers with a richer, more intuitive search experience by aligning product titles with shopper intent and leveraging semantic signals to improve impression share.

We had the great pleasure of co-hosting just such a forward-looking discussion of new Google Shopping strategies with Colleen from Feednomics and Search Engine Land.

Couldn’t make it? That’s ok! We recorded the whole thing. Have a listen and learn how to capture new customers, improve your brand relevance, and maximize your approach to online retail.


Andreas Reiffen is the founder and CEO of crealytics and data-driven online marketing strategist with his focus concentrating on online retailers.

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