Google AdWords App Available for Android

Google has just introduced its new AdWords app for Android. The app is available for all AdWords users around the globe and can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. 

App as a supplement to desktop

But do not rejoice too quickly. You won’t be able to create campaigns or ads using the app. It’s more like a supplement to your desktop account. It supports the following features:

  • View campaign stats
  • Update bids and budgets
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Act on suggestions to improve campaigns
  • Call a Google expert

Looking at the home screen, you will find a performance overview of your account stating clicks, costs and conversion. For deeper insights on campaign, ad group, ad or keyword level, you need to scroll down the home screen and click on “See all”.

Only for Android

The new AdWords app is available for all devices using Android 4.0 or higher and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store. It’s an obvious choice for Google to launch the app for their own operating system Android. But there are a lot of iPhone and iPad users out there to be satisfied as well. Google is planning on launching the app on iOS but there is no timing available at this point. Google shouldn’t wait too long though.

Facebook took the lead, Google follows

Last week, Facebook – one of Google’s biggest competitors – already launched its Ads Manager. The features are quite similar to those of Google:

  • Pause or resume campaigns
  • Edit budgets and schedules
  • View insights
  • Respond to alerts

Although Facebook neither is able to provide an app that allows creation of campaigns or ads, they at least launched it for Android and iOS simultaneously.


Maximilian Hainlein

I'm working for crealytics as Social Media and Marketing Manager since 2011. My motto: "It's better to be the needle than the haystack."