Google AdWords Eliminates Four Search Funnels from its Reports

The announcement nearly passed us by: Google announced very quietly that they will simplify AdWords reporting by getting rid of four so-called Search Funnels

Do you use Google Conversion-Tracking? Then you certainly know the conversion reports.

These reports are called Search Funnels. Think of them as passages (or funnels) through which your customers complete a conversion. Search Funnels can give you more detailed information about ads, clicks, and other elements that are part of your online campaign. This gives you a better sense of your customers and, ultimately, the effectiveness of the ads and keywords you’ve created.

Google has now deleted the following funnels:

  • Assist Clicks
  • Assist Impressions
  • Assist Clicks / Last Clicks
  • Assist Impressions / Last Clicks
AdWords Search Funnels
© Google

The reason for this is that the similarities between, for example, “assist clicks” and “click assisted conversions” created great confusion for many users. Changes will still be visible in the following areas:

  • In the Campaigns tab.
  • In the AdWords API.
  • In Search Funnels, where they’ll remove the Assist Clicks and Impressions report.


Maximilian Hainlein

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