Google introduces Callout extension for AdWords

On Wednesday, Google announced a new extension for AdWords: callouts. It basically let’s you ad extra text, e.g. detailed information about your products, services, etc., below your ad.


Callouts are quite similar to sitelinks, offering additional information for the user and likely boosting click-through rates. Nevertheless, callouts have no links lodged. They are plain text, which makes it easier for advertisers to use them in a more flexible way.

Callouts are managed from the Ad extensions tab. This is also the case for reports and schedules.

New callout

Right now, callouts appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google’s SERPs and can be displayed along with other extensions like ratings, reviews and call extensions.

Whether it’s free shipping on all laptops or a price match guarantee on smartphones, the more information people have, the better purchase decisions they can make online.


Luke is a Content Marketer at Crealytics

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