Google introduces dynamic sitelinks to AdWords

Dynamic Sitelinks

For quite some time now, you can use ad extensions like seller ratings, reviews, locations, app extensions or sitelinks in Google AdWords to drive clicks and CTR. Some of them are generated automatically, some are not. Especially sitelinks are an popular extension. They come in addition to the main landing page and, by showing links to specific pages on your website, help you to send customers to important pages with just one click.

Regular Sitelinks
Regular sitelinks

Yesterday, Google introduced dynamic sitelinks. Just like seller ratings or customer reviews, dynamic sitelinks will be generated automatically. However, Google itself states that it is “important to continue adding and optimizing sitelinks because impression share for dynamic sitelinks will be low.” Regular, manually created, sitelinks will always show first, except the dynamic sitelinks perform better. Although this will save you time and simplify AdWords campaign management, I don’t think that dynamic sitelinks will come out on top. Other than seller ratings, sitelinks need quite some work in order to be linked to the right landing page. Otherwise user experience will be bad and sales will decrease.

The global rollout of dynamic sitelinks already began. What’s also interesting is the fact that clicks on dynamic sitelinks are free (you’ll still be charged for clicks on the headline of your ad and other ad extensions) and can be disabled.


Maximilian Hainlein

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