Google Reveals Upcoming AdWords Features & Management Tools

The latest AdWords updates were announced by Google on Tuesday at the AdWords Performance Forum, and they’re indeed promising.

 Mobile app ads

Mobile in app

Mobile app ads was of course topic number one, with “Shiny appy AdWords” as tag line, thanks for the song stuck in our brains. Google aims to help app advertisers improve discovery, usage and re-engagement with new formats and simplified workflows for use across YouTube, Display, and Search “in a single integrated solution”. Marketers will soon be provided with app keyword suggestions from Google Play, in-app installs for apps, improved app deeplinking for increased usage, measuring across the app life cycle, as well as a TrueView companion for apps.

 New Power-User Features and Tools


According to Google, the recently introduced cross-device metric “estimated total conversions” has been much appreciated, so they’ve successfully started testing solutions for in-store conversion tracking, yielding even more accurate conversion attribution and bidding. Obviously, opting all keywords in on mobile is advised.

The online interface will finally offer more bulk action options for large uploads, bulk-changing targeting and rotation settings. Needless to say, these features are long overdue.

Automated bidding will offer two new optimization metrics, “Max Conversions” and “Max Value” being added to the existing ROAS, CPA, and Click optimisation. This should be a nice improvement for smaller accounts but there’s still a very long way to go until automated bidding can even begin to compare to third-party bid management tools.

Also overdue, ACE has been revised and will be reborn as a new feature baptised “Drafts & Experiments”. There will be a draft mode which allows reviewing changes before running tests as an experiment using a percentage of traffic.

 Enhanced Reporting

enhanced reporting table

We all go through the same steps over and over again: create a report in AdWords, download, do some formatting, create a pivot table, some more formatting. Create another report with different data, download again, and on and on it goes. This tedious reporting workflow might soon be a thing of the past, or at least some of it. Google revealed Enhanced Reporting, a multi-dimensional data tool for drag-and-drop reports, offering live data custom reports within seconds, while metrics can be easily changed and show real-time results. Where a new report needed to be created, downloaded and edited, a single drag and drop will do the job. In addition to tables, Enhanced Reporting will offer single-click graphs and charts for perfect visualization.

bar chart

This is definitely my favourite new feature as it will save much precious time.

Which one is yours?


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