Google upgrades Keyword Planner

About a year ago Google launched the Keyword Planner (caution: German only): a combination of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator – and a powerful and important tool for advertiser. Now AdWords added some new features to it. The new additions, such as mobile search trends, breakdown of devices and locations or period of time comparison, give PPC advertisers new ways to enhance their campaigns.

1. Comparison of search volume trends


Just like in the AdWords interface, you can choose specific date ranges to be compared. That gives you a good idea of how certain search queries performed, e.g. year by year or in certain season peaks. It’s very easy to pick your winner – especially as the Keyword Planner also gives you keyword ideas and their trends.

2. Search volume trends for mobile, devices and locations

Mobile Trends

Next to the “conventional” and known search volume trends, the Keyword Planner shows you mobile trends in comparison to the total search volume. You can also breakdown the search volume trends by devices such as computers, mobile devices and tablets.


As mobile becomes more important every day, this will certainly help you choose the right keywords for smartphones and tablets. Seasonality and historical developments – all at a glance.

On top of that, you can breakdown search volume trends by location. That gives you valuable insights into which areas are the “hot spots” (geotargeting) for certain keywords.


3. Bid adjustment

bid adjustmentUntitled7

Probably the most powerful new feature of Keyword Planner. Bid adjustment gives you a preview of how the traffic for one or more keywords or Ad Group is estimated and what change in traffic an adjustment of bids could cause. You can do this by either device or by location.


Google was well advised to invest some time and money into Keyword Planner. It has become an even more powerful tool for PPC advertisers. Just by playing with these features you can find astonishing trends and information. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!


Maximilian Hainlein

I'm working for crealytics as Social Media and Marketing Manager since 2011. My motto: "It's better to be the needle than the haystack."