GWT 2.1 M2 released

The second milestone of GWT 2.1 was released last friday. The integration with Spring Roo, a tool which incorporates a code generator as well as compile-time weaving capabilities has been pushed forward. I also had a look at the Ray Ryan’s new video Architecting GWT apps, which builds on his presentation from last year, Best Practices for Architecting GWT App. It looks like the Roo integration will save you a lot of typing plus it uses the current best practices for architecting GWT apps. The MVP (Model-View-Presenter) pattern which Ray introduced last year is superseded by Activities (a concept taken from Android) which in turn are managed by an Activity Manager. This combination should make the tedious issue of history management history 😉

I hope to get to test the GWT + Roo combination soon, I will post back my results then.


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