How to get the hourly click and conversion data in Google AdWords


Did you ever wonder how your AdWords campaign is performing right now compared to yesterday’s performance at the same time? Or did you want to know how your performance changed in the last 12 hours after you uploaded a major change?

Day and daytime report

What you need is a performance report by day and by daytime. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to get it.

Step 1: Select level of detail (Account/ Campaign/ AdGroup)
Go to “Dimensions” and select the date range (e.g. this week). To change the level of detail, show only the columns you need. In order to show the statistics on account level, remove the columns Campaign and Ad group.

AdWords client center

Step 2: Select View: DayAdWords chart

Step 3: Press the Download Button
Report download button

Step 4: Select Segment > Time > Hour of day
Download and schedule report

That’s it! Have fun.

Please note: To see conversion data in Google AdWords you need to activate Google Conversion Tracking and select the desired conversion columns to be shown. Otherwise you will only be able to see impressions, clicks and costs.


Andreas Meyer

Andreas Meyer has been an PPC specialist since 2009. In the years since, he has been in charge of accounts of all sizes among diverse industries. As of 2014, he works as a PPC analyst in the Business Intelligence division. His areas of expertise are PPC account optimization and Google Shopping.

  • Muhammad Shahzad

    Good article, but how to achieve this programmatically?

    • Alexandros Chatzirafailidis

      Hi Muhammad,

      Just to be sure that we are on the same page do you mean to be receiving this report automatically in a frequent manner(eg. daily)?

      • Muhammad Shahzad

        Hi Alexandros,
        First of all thanks for your quick reply, i am a Pentaho Developer, i will make a call to the API every hour to get the values for all the hours of current day, and will update the database.

        • Alexandros Chatzirafailidis

          Hi Muhammad,

          Yes this sounds like a solid plan.

          • Muhammad Shahzad

            Yes Alexandros, but need to know how to do it via a javascript call or java, any idea?

          • Alexandros Chatzirafailidis

            Hi Muhammad,

            Sorry for the delay. Your question is quite technical and we would like to have more information before we give an answer. Would you mind sending a letter through the contact us form, mentioning my name, with your exact wish and we will see how we can help you.

          • Muhammad Shahzad

            So you mean to say you are going to charge us over this?

          • Alexandros Chatzirafailidis

            No, if it is something we can quickly give you a guideline we will do so, otherwise if it is too complicated we will try to point you in the right direction. No charges involved 🙂

          • Heiko von Raußendorff

            Hi Muhammad,
            here you can find a Java code example for the CriteriaReport. You just have to add HourOfDay as a segment. If you prefer another programming language, you will find them as well on github.


            Here also the google page with more code examples for using the Adwords API

            Hope this helps