The “How To” of Setting Up Successful Bing Shopping Campaigns Part II

In our second part of The “How To” of Setting Up Successful Bing Shopping Campaigns (see here for Part I) we will give you a deeper insight into how to track and view your Bing Shopping performance statistics, provide you with useful optimisation tips and give you an overview of the differences between Bing Shopping and Google Shopping.

How to Track Bing Shopping Performance

To track the performance of Bing Shopping campaigns you have three options: the Product Groups page, Reports or the Dimension tab.

Product Groups Page

The tab Product Groups, where you can retrieve performance data like Impressions, Clicks, Spend, CTR, Max CPC as well as Conversion data, can be found within your Bing account (see example below).

Product Group Screenshot(Source:


In the Reports section you can find the Product Partition Report or the Product Dimension Report as the data for Bing Shopping Campaigns will no longer be available in the Product ads reports.

In the Product Partition Report you will see aggregated data at each level of the product group.

Report screenshot(Source:

The Product Partition report represents data for All products as * in the column product group.

Brand = Contoso is represented as *\Brand followed by the subsequent layers with*\Brand = Contoso\Custom Label 0 = Costume Jewelry and *\Brand = Contoso\Custom Label 0 = High End Jewelry, etc.

Metrics like impressions or clicks associated with a product appear in all the levels of the Product Partition report that contain the product. If you want to see the totals across your campaigns and ad groups you need to filter on the Product Group column for only * and add those rows.

The Product Dimension report provides statistics at the product level and you will also be able to view other product attributes such as brand, category, custom labels, etc. associated with that product captured during the time of the event. This report can be used to track your performance and to adjust your bidding strategy and targeting based on that.

Dimension Tab

In the Dimension tab you have four new views to access your shopping campaign statistics: Category, Product Type, Item ID and Store ID. Each of these views are pivoted across one particular dimension based on the feed that you have set up. This information can be very helpful if you want to get a deeper insight into how your products are performing.

Dimension tab screenshot(Source:

Key Points and Optimisation Tips

Below we have listed a few optimisation tips to consider when getting started with Bing Shopping Campaigns.

  • Make sure to have accurate and updated feed data. The feed will expire after 30 days but it is recommended to update the feed on a weekly or even daily basis.
  • Go beyond the list of required attributes. To have a more granular campaign structure it is advised to use more attributes. This will alter the chance of your ads being shown for relevant searches.
  • Use the new Custom Labels. These labels are very helpful if you want to group your products based on high revenue items, best sellers, High/Medium/Low ROAS, seasonality and segment by campaign to optimise budgets and bids more efficiently.
  • Use appropriate Campaign Priority settings to ensure the right campaigns and bids are used
    • Low – Default for regular Bing Product Ads
    • Medium – Will serve Bing Shopping Campaigns over your regular Product Ads
    • High – Will serve over your regular Products Ads and any Bing Shopping Campaigns that are set at medium
  • Use Share of Voice reporting for benchmark CPC, CTR, and impressions. The insights can be useful for bidding and positioning.
  • Add negative terms. Run search term reports and exclude negative terms to increase efficiency and reduce spend.
  • Use different promotional text to highlight unique offers and key selling points that apply to all of the product groups in an ad group.
  • Use a high-resolution image for the Product Image URL. Bing recommends using images with a white background and a high resolution with a size of at least 220 x 220.
  • Initial bidding tactics. Bid on items you want to highlight such as top sellers or top brands and/or categories. If you are not sure what initial bid to set use the same bid as similar text ad campaigns and adjust it according to your ads performance.

How Bing Shopping Compares to Google Shopping

Bing Shopping Campaigns offer multiple new features and functionalities. Have a look at the table below to compare the features with Google Shopping and see what is lined up for future releases.

Bing v. Google Shopping(Source:


Despite Bing Shopping having much lower volume than Google Shopping, it is still a great way to get additional revenue. If you are already running Bing Product Ads, you should start getting familiar with the new Bing Shopping format, as the Product Ads will discontinue in fall 2016. Bing Shopping Campaigns is still a limited beta, so if you want to get started with your new Shopping campaigns, reach out to your Bing account manager to get whitelisted for the Shopping pilot.


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