The “How To” of Setting Up Successful Bing Shopping Campaigns

Bing Shopping Campaigns Beta was launched in April 2015 and is attracting great interest. Shopping Campaigns are already available for the US market and will soon become the default Campaign type for running Bing Product Ads, and the old version will discontinue in fall 2016. Bing Shopping Campaigns will also roll out to international markets in the near future.

Benefits of Using Bing Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns offer a couple of advantages over Product Ad Campaigns. Bing Shopping Campaigns is a new Campaign type that makes it easier to create, manage, organise and track Bing Product Ads in a more efficient and optimal manner. In addition to making it easier to connect with customers and promote products online, Bing Shopping Campaigns give advertisers more control over targeting, deeper insight into performance data, and allow advertisers to directly import their Google Shopping Campaigns.

Bing Shopping Campaigns vs. Bing Product Ads

With Bing Shopping Campaigns the attributes in your product feed have changed a little, along with the corresponding attributes you can use to target your Campaigns.

The table below shows the main differences between the Bing Product Ads Campaigns and Bing Shopping Campaigns.


How To Set Up a Bing Shopping Campaign

Bing Shopping Campaigns are still in pilot and are currently only open to advertisers working with Microsoft Account Managers. Therefore, if you want to set up Bing Shopping Campaigns you first need to reach out to your Bing Account Manager and ask to be a beta participant.

Once you have been approved for the pilot, getting started is quite simple and can be explained in four easy steps, as listed below.

  1. To get started with Bing Shopping, you’ll need to verify and claim your Website Destination URL in the Bing Webmaster Tool.
  2. After you have claimed your Website Destination URL, the next step is to create your Bing Merchant Center store and verify your URL via Bing Webmaster Tools.
  3. Once you created the store you can upload your feed.
  4. Finally you are ready to set up your first Shopping Campaigns.


There are three options to get started with Bing Shopping Campaigns:

  1. Importing your Google Shopping Campaigns directly into Bing Ads;
  2. Creating new Bing Shopping Campaigns or
  3. Converting existing Product Ad Campaigns to Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Import Your Google Shopping Campaigns Directly Into Bing Ads

If you already have Google Shopping Campaigns you can easily import them from Google under Import Campaigns, in the header of Bing Ads, and link to your Bing Merchant Center.

First upload the Google Shopping feed to the Bing Merchant Center. Then import your Google Shopping Campaigns to Bing Ads and set the priority of your imported Campaign to medium or high priority. This will ensure your new Bing Shopping Campaigns run if you are also running existing Product Ads Campaigns.

Screenshot Import

Create New Bing Shopping Campaigns

If you are completely new to Bing Product Ads and Google Shopping Campaigns, you need to create a Bing Merchant Center store first, under Tools in the header of Bing Ads, set up a new Shopping Campaign and link it to the Merchant Center store.

Create Campaign

Convert Existing Product Ad Campaigns to Bing Shopping Campaigns

If you already have a Bing Product Ad Campaign running you can continue to use your existing feeds for the new Shopping Campaigns. However, the feed requirements for Bing Shopping Campaigns are a little bit different than for Product Ads Campaigns, so you need to check those first. Set the feed to medium or high priority so Bing knows to give priority to the new Campaign.

Bing created a conversion tool in the account under Tools, in the header at the top of Bing Ads, to convert Product Ad Campaigns easily to Shopping Campaigns.

Converting a Product Ad Campaign will create a new Shopping Campaign based on the existing data. It will not delete or pause the existing Product Ad Campaign.

Convert Campaign

In a following blog post we will give you some optimisation and performance tips, argue how Bing Shopping Campaigns compare to Google and show first performance results!


Jacqueline Gruber

Jacqueline is an online marketing enthusiast with 3+ years experience in PPC. She is responsible for managing and implementing online marketing campaigns for big online retailers across multiple markets.