Is your PPC agency doing a good job?

Is your agency doing a good job?

The number of PPC agencies keeps growing constantly and not all of them are equally well qualified. Similar to the Top 10 Qualities a PPC Manager should have, there is also a set of qualities to look for in a PPC agency. Of course, when searching for a PPC agency you have to consider facts like costs and certifications first. However, in my experience other qualities become of substantial value in the long run. So how do you make sure that you picked the right PPC agency? The following 5 qualities will help you find a good PPC agency:

1) Reliable Reporting:
First and foremost, it is important that you know what is going on in your accounts. A good PPC agency won’t leave doubts about the performance and development of your accounts and will highlight relevant subjects. Reports on performance are delivered on a regular basis and with commentary giving you the amount of insight you need without overwhelming you with every detail. You know when to expect which report and, if questions come up in between, you know who to talk to to get the information you are looking for.

2) Reasonable and comprehensive performance forecasts
You don’t only want to know how your account is currently performing but also need to have an idea of what to expect in the future. While it is clear that your PPC agency can’t predict future developments, a good PPC agency is able to give you scenarios depending on your business goals and taking into account different KPIs and their interdependencies. Experienced PPC agencies don’t just look at account performance but also factor in externalities like seasonal changes or events related to your field of commerce and market. Along with the forecast a good PPC agency will also give you insights on how they plan to achieve the targets and the estimated impact of different actions.

3) Data-Driven Optimization
While it is important to know your market and its peculiarities, PPC managers cannot become too comfortable with this knowledge without risking to miss out on opportunities. When optimizing accounts it is important to look objectively at the data at hand and base actions on analyses of this data. The optimization target determines the angle the data is looked upon. For example if you are looking to introduce new customers to your shop, it makes sense to expand the keyword coverage of areas with a high new customer rate.

4) The Big Picture – Shop Development and other marketing channels
Good PPC agencies keep the big picture in mind and share their findings with you. PPC is not a marketing channel that exists aside from other marketing channels and the development of the website or shop but rather alongside of each other. In particular this means that there are interdependencies, for example in terms of traffic between SEO and PPC. A good PPC agency will alert you to these kind of synergies and trade-offs between different channels. In addition, your PPC agency will get to know your website or shop very well through their daily work. Since they are looking at it from a different angle, they can point out measures that are likely to improve performance like special landing pages.

5) Commitment to identifying growth opportunities
To stay ahead of the competition and grow your business, you need to be able to rely on your agency to point out growth opportunities. Your PPC agency should always be eager to test new approaches to acquire new customers. Whether these new approaches are ad copy split tests, initiator keywords or bid management according to a conversion attribution model, your agency should always have an ace up their sleeve to push your performance.

As Google Certified Partners, PPC agencies are among the first to get access to new features and they can get you whitelisted for beta tests. Of course, not everything that glitters is gold… So a good PPC agency will be able to reason why certain features may or may not make sense for your business.

Of course there are more qualities and factors to consider when assessing a PPC agency. Which qualities do you look for in a PPC agency?