Kindle and Flash for Android

Amazon anounced that they will be launching a Kindle App for Android. While this seems to be a bit late since iPad already has one, this anouncement could be a bit more significant to the mobile device platform market than you might think…

Obviously Apple, with the impressive success of their iPhone and iPad product line marketing, is the definition of mobile computing at the moment. But it seems like Apple’s self-image in the iSomething ecosystem starts to be a problem for them here and there. Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t much like competition on their platform they allowed Amazon to ship its Kindle App for iPad via the AppStore. Amazon however refuses to offer a direct purchase option for new books from within the app – there is simply no way Amazon would pay Apple 30% in-app purchase fees. Instead they send their customers to the browser to buy books on their webpage – a sales channel Apple does not control.

Of course the Android app doesn’t have these constraints. Customers can easily buy their books from inside the Android app – a huge benefit in usability (ironic, isn’t it?) which could be a big selling point for Android in the future.

And then there’s Flash. I won’t write a word about the iPad vs. Flash issue except for this: Apple might be making life easier for its competitors here. Google apparently does think so and is expected to deliver a rich Flash experience in their next Android version 2.2, their Chrome Browser and of course in Chrome OS – the platform that would most likely power a hypothetical “NexusPad”.

So at the end of the day I try to avoid some Apple bashing by not making any forecasts, giving Apple the advice to think about their current course of action, and looking forward to soon owning both a Linux powered WePadTab and a Android powered Smartphone by HTC. 🙂




Maximilian Hainlein

I'm working for crealytics as Social Media and Marketing Manager since 2011. My motto: "It's better to be the needle than the haystack."