The latest Fashion Trends aren’t just for the catwalk. They also belong in your Google Shopping campaigns.

While no one is saying that Google’s Search Query Reports are as prescient as Anna Wintour at spotting the latest styles, experienced search marketers know that they are often the best way to brainstorm new ideas and build out campaigns. Google have taken that a step further for the second year in a row with the publishing of its annual  Fashion Trends Report.


If you’re not familiar with the report, Google does a deep dive into what styles have shown stability over the years as well as some of that have not quite maintained that same staying power. We have seen that ‘Ripped Jeans’ have seen a steady rise in searches over the last 2 years and are now labelled a ‘sustained riser’ by Google. And thankfully ‘see-through’ clothes and ‘acid wash jeans’ are, perhaps unsurprisingly, labelled as ‘sustained decliners’.


Some seasonal risers include the ‘Kimono Dress’, ‘Romper’, ‘Bomber Jacket’ and I must confess, something that I had never come across before, a half coat, half cardigan, fittingly named a ‘Coatigan’.


Google labels ‘off-the-shoulder tops’, ‘body suits’ and ‘Dashiki dresses’ as items within their ‘rising stars’ list, meaning they have only shot to prominence in the last few months. Taking a look at fabrics, the term ‘sequin’ has seen a 216% rise March-May than the same period last year.


All in all, it’s enough to convince you that you should be cleaning out your closet to make way for some new key pieces, but what does any of that have to do with Google Shopping?  Let’s investigate.

In a keyword-centric structure like traditional Google AdWords, it is extremely straightforward to include these trends within a test campaign. However, with more and more retail advertising spend going through Google Shopping, how can you adapt these text-based insights into a keyword-less world?  The answer lies within changing product titles to match consumer demand.  

Although it is a given that product price and bids will have an impact on impressions and click-through rate, savvy marketers out there know that Google treats product titles as a proxy for keywords within your Shopping campaigns. Furthermore, they know that changing product titles within the feed to match trends in how people are searching is a sure-fire way of improving performance.   

Crealytics’ own research shows that adding a relevant search term to the product title can increase traffic by up to 900%. Why? Obviously, any time you can connect consumer intent with relevant products, Google will reward you with better placement and bids.  But changing the title also results in incremental CTR, impressions and higher average ad position. So not only are you providing potential customers with what they are actually looking for, you’re getting performance gains at the same time.




Our clients regularly benefit from insights like this through our Shopping performance management tool, Camato, which automatically offers suggestions for product feed titles that will have a positive impact on performance.

Below you can see how our client, Boden has included the term ‘Coatigan’ in their product title and is well positioned within Shopping results:

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Markiyan Caseley

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