Meet us at dmexco!

Meet us at dmexco

With camato, our unique semantic PPC technology, we are working hard to make a world of automated PPC campaign creation accessible to you. Three out of the ten largest fashion e-retailers in Europe as well as more e-commerce big players use camato to create high-quality AdWords campaigns for millions of keywords with just the click of a button – and with perfectly matching ad copy which target your customers and lead them to where they need to go. In addition to saving up to 75% of your time, your revenue also rises by an average of 150%.

This year we will introduce the latest camato features at dmexco, Germany’s largest exposition for digital marketing, in Hall 7/booth D055 – E054.

Today, camato is available to all e-commerce enthusiasts who strive to optimise their AdWords campaigns. Our software enables you to automate major parts of your campaign creation workflow, while significantly increasing the quality and profitability of your PPC channel.

camato optimises AdWords campaigns: Instead of laboriously grappling with millions of keywords by hand, camato empowers users to homogeneously structure their search terms, adverts and landing pages with the click of a button. An exclusive beta test with a fashion big player has yielded the result that on average four times as many keywords can be processed in the same time as before, without the use of camato. If the throughput of keywords is to remain the same, you can save about 67% of the previously required time. camato collects the search terms in homogeneous groups using different dimensions like brand, product category or colour. It then creates the optimal advert and finds the ideal landing page. camato does not just make huge AdWords campaigns feasible, it also provides particularly efficient bid management by creating additional semantic aggregation levels. Third-party bid management tools also profit from the homogenous structure and can yield better results.

Our beta customers are enthusiastic about the results: “Tasks which used to take hours can now be completed in a fraction of the time. The performance of our keywords and text ads has noticeably improved,” reported Pascal Skropke from navabi, Germany’s largest retailer for designer fashion in plus sizes.

“camato excellently supports and complements our work as an agency,” says Stefan Klein, Head of SEM and PDM at Nayoki Interactive Advertising, arvato e-commerce. “We are particularly pleased with the camato AdGroup systematics, the automation is well-thought-out. On the one hand, it saves us a lot of time; on the other hand, camato provides targeted performance data for particular markets and categories which allows close monitoring and precise reporting.”

Andreas Reiffen, founder and managing director of crealytics is certain: “We are changing Google’s search engine advertising for the long-term. As camato moves us on from the keyword level to work at a meta level with dimensions like brand or product category, we can greatly reduce the complexity of AdWords while simultaneously increasing performance.”

crealytics’ PPC specialists are exhibiting their new trend-setting product, camato, on September 10th and 11th at dmexco in Hall 7/booth D055 – E054.


Nathalie Bojkow

Nathalie Bojkow works as a Senior PPC Manager for crealytics and has more than 4 years of experience in SEA.

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