OMCap 2015 – Recap

Cross Channel And Cross Device: We Are Living in a World Where We Have to Handle Real Life Consumer Movements!

At the moment the biggest challenge is still to collect your data on a cross channel basis and to thereby create an overall customer profile. Each channel is its own entity and operates independently from other channels. A customer can be treated as different persons if there is no common approach to consolidate the data. Carsten Frien ( emphasised the importance of not only tracking unique identifiers (e.g. account, cookies), but looking further by trying to also include in the consumer’s profile data about people that are in their household; the consumer’s family etc. At the same time consumers are using different devices at different hours of the day, switching in between them constantly on within the day. The biggest advantage that you have if you are able to track this data and allocate it accordingly is that you are also able to use remarketing on this level. But do not forget that you have to safeguard your customer’s privacy when collecting the data.

Data: Data is Your “Faster Horse”

A large number of speakers placed emphasis on the major role that data plays in today’s online marketing world, and that the main challenge at the moment is to collect and process your data in order to get the most out of it. Dr. Alexander Korth (VivaKi) reminded us that web analytics is in a transitional phase. In the beginning we were just measuring and reporting standard data. Then, systematic testing started which gave us the possibility to detect usability problems and optimise accordingly. The big problem here is the one size fits all assumption. Now we are at the point where data is getting dynamic and has to be connected in order for us to target most effectively.

Mobile: Think Mobile First

Probably the most discussed and mentioned topic in all presentations was mobile. The general trend is that traffic is going towards mobile, in all the topics presented during the conference mobile plays the biggest part. Norbert Barnikel (ICN Business School) reminded us that on mobile it is very important to keep a single customer view. You have to present to your customer the right offer, at the right place and moment. In order to be able to do that, you have to connect all data you have about your customer.

Apps play a big role in the mobile world today as sending you customer directly through the App has several advantages like lower bounce rate, higher customer retention etc. You are also able to send your customers push notifications which clearly increase your client’s engagement.

If you are asking yourself whether content or design is more important for the clients coming in through mobile – the answer is that it depends on what the client is more responsive to. Once again, you have to present the right advertising to your client and have the single customer view.


Overall the conference offered a variety of topics that in the end pointed to the importance of understanding and targeting cross device and cross channel.


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