OMKB 2016 – Key Insights

  • Most interesting learning: Snapchat was hyped as a promising portal to expand companies’ reach towards younger audiences and to introduce products and special advertising!
  • Most useful advice: DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns are a nice and easy tool for internationalisations and to cover the long tail section of your accounts!
  • Key takeaway: Extremely wide range of online products, rapid availability and shorter delivery times raise consumer expectations towards getting any product at any time!

Read on for a full summary of the event!

On Friday, the 8th of April 2016 the Online Marketing Konferenz Bielefeld (OMKB) took place for the first time. The venue was Bielefeld’s town hall, a congress and event centre, where 26 experts spoke on four stages. Prof. Dr. Leisenberg, of Bielefeld’s Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM), called the event with its 650 attendees “heartening for Bielefeld” in his key note. The essence of the conference was to give an overview of the potentials of Online Marketing and to discuss the implications and necessities of the digital transformation. There was a great mixture of lectures providing valuable insights for content marketing, SEO, SEM and other fields of online marketing.

The age of the customer

Google’s Head of Mid Market Sales, Hakim Aceval, talked about the trends of digitalisation. He especially emphasised the importance of the internet as source for acquiring information. Nearly everybody is active online, therefore including most potential customers. These customers have become continuously more demanding. Expectations are that people can get what they want and when they want it. He recommends developing a new level of customer obsession, which companies like Uber and Amazon display and thrive at.

Deliberate Cannibalisation

There was a SEA-workshop on calibrating Shopping campaigns effectively. It centred on splitting up your campaigns into three separate campaigns each based on performance. In combination with AdWords’ option to assign different priority levels for shopping campaigns, accounts will profit from deliberate cannibalisation effects. Another key recommendation was to try to have your product feeds as detailed and complete as possible to provide Google’s algorithms with more information, boosting your keywords’ positions. Another workshop evaluated the efficiency of several SEA tools. They praised DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaigns as a nice and easy tool for internationalisation and to cover the long tail section of your accounts. Another test found that ads perform better using this format for your Display URLs:, compared to other formats like Furthermore it was very interesting to see that bounce rates can be reduced drastically by adding more products to your landing page or to choose different landing pages. There was an example were the bounce rate differed by 28% for landing page A with 5 products (BR: 62.10%) compared to landing page B containing 25 products (BR: 34.15%).

Looming “Mobilegeddon”

Mobile’s huge and still growing role was emphasised. One should prioritise mobile content, as pages lose ranking when not being optimised for mobile users. Also new platforms thrive on mobile devices. Snapchat was mentioned the most by far, as “Facebook isn’t that cool anymore, especially amongst younger users”. Snapchat recently introduced a user history-feature for their profiles, which provides the basis for any marketing purposes. Snapchat was hyped as a promising portal to expand companies’ reach towards younger audiences and to introduce products and special advertising.


All in all the conference was a really interesting and insightful experience. We had hoped to hear more about SEA, but the emphasis lay more on SEO and Content Marketing. Our impression is the OMKB conveyed three big themes: to focus on mobile, to deliver quality content in a contemporary fashion, and to try to understand what your customers really want. To conclude, we really enjoyed the OMKB and depending on the speakers it might be an interesting event again next year.


Dominic Sommer

Dominic is a PPC expert at crealytics since Fall 2015. He is a German and Austrian market expert working for our leading international e-commerce customers within the sports retail industry.