New series: how to organize your PPC team more effectively!

Organize your PPC team

A well-organized team is both a productive and a happy team. But how do you find the right structure for your team? There are almost as many organizational processes & philosophies out there as there are drops of water in the ocean and if you are swimming through them right now, lost and in dire need of a guiding hand, I have a few pointers for you.

Here at crealytics with our camato premium plus solution, we help customers every day to set up and expand their PPC campaigns and grow successfully. We have four teams just in this area and I lead one of these. So I have a bit of experience organizing a PPC team that I’d like to share with you in a short guide, or rather a few guidelines, that help me and my team stay on track. Not everything will work for you too but I hope that you can take something from them and test them out for yourself. Remember that we all work in performance marketing? Test it. Gather data. Optimize. Start again.

Alright. Let’s get into it. This series contains four topics and each one will be covered in a separate blog post. This first article considers a basic idea on which I base the structure of my team. The next posts will then lay out more practical advice for you. So watch out for them.

This will be our agenda for this series:

  1. Trust your team
  2. Focus on one task per day
  3. How to plan your work
  4. Structure your meetings

Trust your team!

The first one is fairly obvious, at least for me, but it is always worth remembering. You need to trust your team to do a good job. Do you really want to control every step they make? Just make them responsible instead.

What motivates you more? Having someone sitting behind you all the time, watching over your shoulder and pointing out every mistake you make or having your own account, your own campaigns and being given a free hand to work out how to do it best? Where you can try things out, where you can make mistakes, where you can fall a thousand times as long as you get up again and learn from it. Of course there are some boundaries and overall your account needs to perform as well as possible. But it is up to you to achieve this. Wouldn’t you then be a lot more motivated to shine and give it all you have because everyone knows that last month’s awesome performance was completely your work?

And if it doesn’t work that well then you always have me on your side, your team leader, to fall back on. We work mostly with a pull-model here. You need help? Ask and you get some. If I don’t hear from you then I trust that everything is working. And in most cases it does. I can and do trust my team. And they can trust me as well to watch their backs and help them as best as I can. Every relationship works both ways. Remember that.

That’s it for now folks. I hope you enjoyed the kickoff of this series. Watch out for the next parts. They will contain a lot more hands on practical advice which could be useful for you.

Do you like what you have seen so far? Are you eagerly awaiting one of the next topics or do you want me to cover something else as well? Don’t hesitate and dive into the comments section. I would appreciate your feedback.


Joschka Wiesneth

Working at crealytics as a Senior PPC Manager and teamlead allows me to combine my passions for both performance marketing and coaching people. Besides that, I really like to drive change.