Product Listing Ads now with product ratings

Shoppers on Amazon love them: product ratings. They are one of the most important influencers on shoppers because people tend to trust other people’s opinion on products. That’s why a lot of retailers implement product ratings within their websites as well.

Yesterday, Google announced that Product Listing Ads, i.e. ads with product information like product image, price or retailer, will now also show product ratings on and

Product Ratings PLA
Source: Inside AdWords

Right now, only shoppers in the U.S.A. will see these 5-star ratings. The rating system represents aggregated rating and review data for the product, compiled from multiple sources including merchants, third-party aggregators, editorial sites and users.

How can I use product ratings?

First of all, you need to be a merchant targeting the United States. And you need to share all of your product review content with Google, either directly or through an approved third-party aggregator. From late July until October Google will show product ratings where there is data available. After that period, merchants need to choose to share reviews to be shown.

How can I share my review content?

To use product ratings you need to submit your content by completing Google’s product ratings form. Attention: due to high inquiry volumes in the beginning it might take some time until your inquiry will be addressed. As most of the times, Google will open up product ratings to merchants outside the U.S. in the future.


Maximilian Hainlein

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