Product Ratings for Google Shopping Now Available in Europe

Yesterday, Inside AdWords announced the roll out of product ratings for product listing ads to Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Who, what, how, why – we answer your most important questions concerning this new feature. 

More qualified traffic for advertisers

Product ratings had been introduced in the United States last year in the form of stars and review counts below the product ad.

Product Ratings

The feature is quite similar to Amazon’s product reviews which also uses product ratings with stars and review counts. For amazon, the ratings have become very important over the years, as they are one of the most important influencers for buying decisions. A study by Influence Central dating back to November 2014 shows that 48% of consumers consider reviews on Amazon to be extremely important, and another 42% who consider them to be very important. Moreover, more than 80% of consumers consider the reviews on Amazon to be extremely or very credible.

Google knows that and, introducing the feature in Europe, wants to profit from its power. The company itself stated they want to “help consumers make better purchase decisions when shopping online” on Google and Google Shopping. Advertisers, however, can benefit from the feature by setting themselves visually apart from competitors and driving more qualified traffic to their website – mentioning an average click-through rate increase of five percent.

How to add product ratings to our product listing ad

It all sounds very nice and it seems that using product ratings can give you a great lift-up in performance. But how can you actually use the feature?

If you would like to enable product ratings, you will have to share all your ratings content, which can include review data from merchants, third-party aggregators, editorial sites and users, with Google. The first step is to fill out a form, providing Google basic information like your Merchant Center ID or the estimated number of product reviews that appear on your site. Afterwards, Google will contact you directly to settle the details like sharing data by using an approved third-party aggregator like eKomi or Trustpilot (see further aggregators here) or sharing it directly.

One last note shall be made: Google does not always show ratings just because a product has reviews. Be aware of that.

What’s your opinion on the new feature? Are you going to use it? Share your opinion in our comment section.


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