Recap: Two New Ad Formats for Promoting Mobile Apps, Yahoo Testing Brand Video Ads, and Google Santa Tracker Goes Live

It’s time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about the launch of two new ad formats for promoting apps in Adwords, Yahoo testing a new brand ad format and Google launching the Santa Tracker.

Google Launch Two New Ad Formats for Promoting Apps

The new new ad formats launched by Google last week aim to engage users and showcase apps at their best.

The first format is called ‘Trial Run Ads‘. This format allows the user to play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming content from the app before downloading. The ad acts like a short demo, allowing the user to get a taste of what the game is like before they commit to downloading the content. You can see an example below.

Trial Run Ad gif for SGN
Source: Inside AdWords

The second new ad format is called ‘Interactive Interstitial ads‘. This is a beta ad format that allows users to leverage HTML5 to offer a completely customized user experience tailored to each advertiser’s app. This format will allow advertisers to use HTML5 instead of standard templates and pull in data dynamically. Google say that Interactive Interstitial Ads provide advertisers the following benefits:

  • A beautiful and flexible canvas for the advertiser to become truly creative
  • Unique testing and optimization capabilities
  • The opportunity to bring a piece of the app experience to the user before download
  • Unique brand building possibilities

You can see some examples below.

Source: Inside AdWords
Source: Inside AdWords

Yahoo Is Testing Brand Video Ads in SERP

Yahoo have been testing large video ads in search engine results for brand queries. The video ads take over most of the screen and do not shrink after ending, meaning the user has to scroll down to click on the PPC ad or view more search results. Below you can see a screen-shot of the ad.

Source: AdAge

The major Search Engines have been experimenting for some time in brand advertising and are understandably keen to tap into advertisers brand budgets. The Yahoo video ads certainly grab the attention, but only time will tell if the format catches on, or even if Yahoo decide to release it out of beta. Yahoo hasn’t commented officially on the test, but a spokesperson told AdAge, who first spotted the ads, “We’re continuously developing and testing new ways to enhance our products for advertisers, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.”

Google Maps Santa Tracker Goes Live

Now for a bit of fun (for a good cause) from our friends at Google. The Santa Tracker, aimed at children, will allow them to track Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve. Until then, the page is set-up like an advent calendar with a new door opening each day to reveal an interactive window. Activities include interesting holiday facts to learn, videos to watch, and games to play.

The Santa Tracker is part of the and campaign to help kids with special needs get the resources they need in the classroom. Read more about the campaign here.


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