Recap #16: AdWords E-Mail Targeting, AOL’s Advertising Rostrum One, and the Yahoo-Microsoft Cooperation

It’s Monday – time for our weekly recap. Last week’s hot topics included rumours about the new AdWords function of e-mail targeting, AOL’s advertising rostrum and the cooperation of Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google’s E-Mail Targeting Aspirations

As Wall Street Journal reports, Google is currently working on a new feature called e-mail targeting. Similarly to Facebook’s Custom Audiences, this function would enable Google to distribute advertisements to e-mail lists provided by advertisers and would probably operate in a similar way to remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). Developing this feature is but Google’s next logical step to take, considering its design would hardly pose any technical difficulties and essentially wouldn’t change the ads’ character. On top of that, Facebook is the best example to prove the great success of e-mail targeting features.

AOL Launches Advertising Rostrum One

After five long years of processing, AOL finally launched its new advertising rostrum One, according to TechCrunch. In order to stand out from competitors, the American mass media corporation designed the platform to centrally display and compare different features ranging from search ads to commercials. On top of that, AOL emphasises the open character of its platform which allows users to import external data and to synchronise with other systems.

Microsoft and Yahoo Extend Search Cooperation

The two technology giants have been working together in the area of search and search engine marketing since 2006. Originally determined to expire in February, the contract was now extended, according to VentureBeat. As already outlined in their previous agreement, Yahoo is still to use Bing ads for the desktop search function, while Microsoft will provide the technology for Yahoo searches. However, the extension contract also sees two significant changes: Google will return to the task of ad sales, while Yahoo will have to generate only 51% of traffic from Bing, instead of 100%.


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