Recap: Automated Extensions for Google Shopping, Three Ads in Mobile Search, Facebook Outruns Google in Referral Traffic

It’s Monday and time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about the new automated extensions for Shopping campaigns, an extra text ad on mobile devices and Facebook surpassing Google in referral traffic. 

Google Shopping Now With Automated Extensions

Last Wednesday, Google introduced automated extensions for Shopping ads. The new extensions automatically show free shipping and price drop info if the data is provided in the Merchant Center settings and data feed. As the name states, no additional work or cost is required.

PLA automated extensions Free Shipping

As a result, Google will retire promotional text at the end of September this year. For those of you, who want to promote other offers, stick to the other Shopping extensions like merchant promotions, product ratings or Trusted Stores certification.

Google Tops Up Number of Mobile Text Ads to Three

According to Search Engine Land, Google confirmed showing three text ads on mobile devices instead of two. “We regularly adjust the way we present ads, and for a small portion of mobile queries we may expand the space for ads if they are particularly relevant,” a Google spokesperson is quoted.


For advertisers, this might result in an increase in impressions and mobile traffic, as users will see more space occupied by ads. One extra ad could also influence the CPC, decreasing it due to less competition as formerly on only two ad positions. At the same time, organic traffic might decline.

This will presumably not influence PLA distribution on mobile devices: it will either be three text ads or two text ads and a PLA.

Facebook Surpasses Google as Leading Source of Referral Traffic

In the epic battle between online giants Facebook and Google, Facebook seems to celebrate yet another success. According to a study from, Facebook joined up and even moved ahead (+3%) of Google with regards to referral traffic.


It seems as if social media pulls ahead of search when talking about referral traffic, although’s data only comes from their 400 customers representing the overall publishing market.


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