Recap: Cross Device Conversions for AdWords, New Features for Bing Shopping Ads, and AdWords turns 15

It’s time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about cross device conversion in AdWords, some new features for Bing Shopping and AdWords 15th Birthday.

Cross Device Data Now Included in AdWords Conversions Column

Last week Google announced an important update to the AdWords reporting interface. Cross device conversions will now be included in the main Conversions column, meaning advertisers could see an increase in the number of conversion they usually see. It’s important to remember that cross device conversions is an estimated metric. Here’s what Google say about it:

Cross-device and cross-browser conversions are estimated using aggregate and anonymised data from people who have previously signed in to Google. Based on this aggregated data, we create an anonymous, aggregate estimate of the number of cross-device conversions attributed to AdWords campaigns. Source: Google

You can read more about cross device conversions here.

5 New Features for Bing Shopping

Bing recently announced five key features for Bing Shopping campaigns. Of particular interest to us was the availability of Bing Shopping in the UK and Australia. If you advertise on Google Shopping then it couldn’t be simpler to branch out to Bing Shopping. You can duplicate your Google Shopping feed and upload it straight into Bing, as the formats are identical. The volume is much lower than Google as you’d expect, but we have seen strong performance in some cases.

Also of interest is the extension of Bing Shopping to mobile. We have seen some great performance from Google Shopping on mobile which bodes well for the Bing version.

Recap: Cross Device Conversions for AdWords, New Features for Bing Shopping Ads, and AdWords turns 15
Source: Bing Ads

Here is the full list of releases:

  • Support for Used and Refurbished Products as part of your inventory
  • Product Ads on Bing Mobile
  • Beta! Share of Voice Reporting with Impression Share Metrics
  • Catalog statuses available via Content API
  • Bing Shopping Campaign availability in UK and Australia

You can find more information on all of these updates on the Bing Ads blog here.

Happy Birthday AdWords!

Doesn’t time fly? AdWords was 15 years old last week but it feels like just yesterday that the crealytics team began optimising PPC campaigns!

Google created a very nice info-graphic to mark the occasion. You can check it out here.


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