Recap: New Enhancements to AdWords Manager Accounts and Bing Ads Editor to be Released for Mac

It’s time for our weekly recap. Last week we heard about enhancements to AdWords Manager Accounts and Bing Ads Editor being released for Mac.

Google Analytics Now Linkable at Manager Account Level

Last week Google released two new enhancements to Manager Accounts. The first is the ability to link Google Analytics directly to the Manager Account. This means that all existing AdWords accounts within the Manager Account will link to Google Analytics, and any new accounts created in the future will also be automatically linked. The benefit of linking your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account is that you can see goals, website metrics, remarketing lists, and other data from Google Analytics alongside your AdWords data.


Create and Share Remarketing Lists in Manager Account

The second enhancement to Manager Accounts is the ability to create and share remarketing lists directly within the Manager Account from the new “Audiences” view, including any lists imported from Google Analytics or Customer Match. You can also create remarketing lists using a manager-level remarketing tag and use them across your managed accounts. This eliminates the need to retag the website and manage multiple lists in each AdWords account.

These enhancements are aimed at making it easier to share data, performance metrics and remarketing strategies across all of your AdWords accounts.


Bing Ads Editor to be Released for Mac

Last week Bing Ads announced that they have started working on the Bind Ads Editor for Mac. The release is scheduled for early summer 2016.



They also added that they will be working on some new features:

Multi-account management: In this version, you will be able to manage multiple accounts with ease. Add as many accounts as you want and download campaign data for multiple accounts simultaneously, right from the accounts manager window. You will also be able to open each account in a separate editor window and drag/drop or copy/paste entities across accounts.

Simplified navigation: Using the simplified navigation under the account tree, you will be able to access your location targets or sitelinks extensions with just one click. The list will also display the number of entities of each type within the selected scope making your campaign management tasks a lot easier.


James Pomeroy

James Pomeroy is a digital marketing professional with 7+ years experience working across a wide variety of industries including retail, finance, FMCG and Automotive. He has been working for crealytics since 2013 and is responsible for key client accounts in the UK.